Third and fourth in a rain-soaked race in Japan. Concern for Bianchi.

Sebastian Vettel climbed the podium for the fourth time in the championship at the Japanese GP, and his teammate Daniel Ricciardo nabbed fourth position. The race had to be stopped 8 laps early due to a serious accident involving the Marussia driver, Jules Bianchi, who was removed from the track in an ambulance.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

The atmosphere in the pit lane was very subdued at the end of the race, with all the teams waiting to hear about Bianchi’s health. From Pepe Jeans we would like to wish him a quick recovery, our main thoughts are with him.

Everything that happened with the racing on track is secondary today, one of us is in a bad shape and we don’t yet know how he is,” said Sebastian. “Jules had a bad accident and we hope to have some very good news, very soon. Not knowing what’s going on feels terrible, I think all the drivers really feel with him, as we know how difficult and slippery it was today; we hope for the very best.”

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Previews

Daniel also expressed his concern for Bianchi:

Right now we’re all thinking about Bianchi and that’s the biggest concern for us. We heard he had a pretty big crash and it’s not nice when we don’t know if the driver is okay. The race was tricky, it wasn’t going too badly and the set-up we had for yesterday paid off. We tried a few different things with the strategy, but Bianchi is my main concern at the moment.”

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Previews

The race was marked by rain from the start. The approach of Typhoon Phanfone threatened to suspend the race but fortunately the rain eased off a bit. In any case, the drivers had to come out behind the safety car and the race didn’t really get going until after the first few laps. Daniel started from P6 and Sebastian from P9.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

With the initial laps behind them, the two Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers managed to advance a position due to Fernando Alonso having to withdraw because of electrical problems with his Ferrari.

Many of the divers changed to intermediate tyres to adapt to the weather conditions. Daniel was first, and then Sebastian, with the Mercedes drivers the last to change their tyres. Button managed to climb up to third position, overtaking Bottas and Massa, while Sebastian got ahead of his teammate Daniel, leaving him behind in sixth position. On lap 16, Sebastian overtook Massa and followed the same strategy a few laps later to overtake Bottas and secure fourth position. Daniel was also able to get past his immediate opponents and was now defending fifth position. Both drivers we trying to overtake Button. At the head of the race, Hamilton was battling it out for first position with his teammate Rosberg. Hamilton finally took the lead on lap 29 and held it until the end of the race.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Practice

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

At this point the drivers had to make a second round of pit stops. Sebastian stopped on lap 29 for more intermediates. He was followed by Button, who took longer than expected as he had to change a wheel. Daniel squeezed his tyres a little bit longer and didn’t stop until lap 36. He came out again behind Sebastian and Button but didn’t take long in overtaking the latter on lap 42.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

Meanwhile, Sutil (Sauber) collided with the barriers on the Dunlop Curve. While they were removing his car, Bianchi crashed in the same spot but with worse consequences. The safety car had to come out and, given the magnitude of the accident, it was decided to stop the race.

When a race is stopped by a red flag, the protocol dictates that the race is ended and the drivers classified according to the order in the penultimate lap before the red flag is seen. The classification was in the following order: Hamilton won the race, his teammate Rosberg was right behind him and they were followed up by Sebastian and Daniel in third and fourth place respectively.

Christian Horner summed up the atmosphere of the race at the end of what was a tough day:

First of all, irrelevant of anything else, our thoughts are with Jules Bianchi and that he’s okay; that is the absolute first priority.”

For the race, it was a strong race performance by the team with both drivers making great progress and some fantastic overtaking moves. Third and fourth are competitive results. We looked a lot more competitive in the wet conditions, which tend to be a great equaliser.”

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

Moreover, Infiniti Red Bull Racing team just announced that Sebastian Vettel will be leaving the team at the end of the 2014 season.

Pepe Jeans would like to join the team´s sincere thank you to Sebastian for the incredible role he has played at Infiniti Red Bull Racing for the last six years and give a warmly welcome to the young Russian driver coming from the Red Bull Junior Programme, Daniil Kvyat that will join Daniel Ricciardo in the 2015.

F1 Testing in Jerez - Day One

October’s Playlist

With autumn here and the good weather gone, we don’t want you to start feeling down. So in our October playlist we bring you the best variety of this month’s hits, courtesy of beatMash Magazine: a digital electronic and indie music publication offering readers exclusive content, the latest releases, news, events, technology, and lots more! It’s already become a website of reference for lovers of the two most cutting-edge sounds around. It’s time to get up and move to the music. Click play!

  1. Kavinsky – Odd Look

  2. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Rockstars

  3. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Theophilus London – All The Girls (Around The World)

  4. The xx – Islands

  5. Justice – DVNO

  6. Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige – F For You

  7. Reptile Youth – Speeddance

  8. Flume & Chet Faker – Drop The Game

  9. C2C – Down The Road

  10. The Toxic Avenger – Romance & Cigarettes

  11. The Knocks – Classic

  12. Wolftmother – Joker And The Thief

Playlist compiled by beat Mash Magazine
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Twitter: @beatmashmag, Youtube: beatmashersTV, Google+: beatmashmag.

Pepe Jeans presents its new Autumn/Winter 2014 Footwear collection in its Mischief Cube

Imagine a place where you can do whatever you want. Well, Pepe Jeans Footwear has invented just the place, and it’s called the Mischief Cube.





We invite you pop into the Cube and get caught up in that Pepe Jeans’ spirit. Feel the freedom, excess and mischievousness that are so characteristic of Pepe. But the best thing of all is that you’ll discover the Autumn/Winter 2014 footwear collection that’s already making a big impact this season.






If you like what you see, all you have to do is visit and check out the full collection for men, women, and kids. You’ll wonder how you’ve survived without the collections before now!


Pepe Jeans’ Autumn/Winter 2014 Kids Campaign

If anyone embodies mischief, apart from our muse Cara Delevingne, it’s got to be the kids. Being a kid means not having any worries and doing what you want, when you want. At Pepe Jeans we wanted to reflect this youthful, rebellious attitude in our Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign for Kids/Juniors.



Inspired by the idea of ​​having a free spirit and a natural rebelliousness, the campaign is a nod back to our 80’s roots and shows how much kids are enjoying themselves, playing with animal masks, water bombs and catapults. And it’s all done with Pepe Jeans’ mischievous style.



The campaign is photographed by Mario Sorrenti and stylised by Charlotte Stockdale. Both have managed to perfectly capture the Pepe Jeans’ spirit of this season.

Take a look at the campaign photos and immerse yourself in that mischievous childhood that we all enjoyed at one stage!









Vettel and Ricciardo claim 2nd and 3rd position in the Singapore night race

Sebastian Vettel achieved his best result of the season so far with a well-deserved second place in the GP night race in Singapore. Meanwhile Daniel Ricciardo secured his seventh podium of the season with third place.

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) won the race, while teammate Nico Rosberg was forced to retire on lap 13. This meant the English driver’s rise to leadership position in the Drivers’ World Championship.

Hamilton shot off from the grid with Alonso, who missed the chicane and had to concede the position to Sebastian. The Spanish driver was sandwiched between the two Infiniti Red Bull Racing cars, with Kimi Raikkonen coming up behind DanielRosberg had to throw in the towel on lap 15, after a series of mechanical problems with his Mercedes, leaving the track open to his teammate Hamilton.

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

After the first two rounds of stops, in the middle of the Grand Prix, the safety car had to come out due to an inconsequential accident with the Mexican driver, Sergio Perez. This closed up all the gaps and resulted in a train forming at the head of the group with HamiltonSebastian, Daniel, Alonso, Massa, Bottas, Button and Raikkonen.

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

This triggered a rapid change in the drivers’ planned strategies. Hamilton, Sebastian and Daniel elected to stay out. The Mercedes driver had super-soft tyres and had to use prime soft rubber on his final laps, while the Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers were on primes and planned to change options for a final stint.

However, seeing how the other drivers reacted, the Team decided that Sebastian should finish the rest of the race on his soft tyres, as with Daniel. Hamilton made a pit stop to change to soft tyres, leaving Sebastian and Daniel in the lead positions. It didn’t last long, however, because when Hamilton shot out of the pit lane he immediately set about regaining his leadership of the race. Sebastian managed to block him for two laps, but Hamilton finally overtook him on his fresher tyres.

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

Behind Hamilton, a passionate battle for the podium was being fought out between the two Infiniti Red Bull Racing cars and  Alonso’s Ferrari. The Spanish driver was going at a great pace, but it’s very hard to overtake on the Marina Bay track and Daniel showed some teamwork, defending his teammate from attack by the red car and thus securing the podium for the team.

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

Finally, both Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers crossed the finishing line in 2nd and 3rd position, winning 33 well-deserved points for the team.

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

It’s a circuit I like, the atmosphere’s great and it’s a tough event,” said Sebastian of his fifth podium finish from seven races in Singapore. “I had a good start and got past Daniel and had a decent race. We played a bit with strategy after we got undercut by Alonso, the safety car came at the worst time for us but we made the tyres work at the end which was tough. There was no point fighting Lewis at the end, he was on fresh tyres and I had to manage mine to the end as they were pretty old by then; that was the focus. It was nice to get the cold champagne on the podium.”

Daniel, meanwhile, said he was pleased with his result, despite a number of problems during the race.

We were really close to the Mercedes in qualifying and we expected the race pace to be a bit faster today to be honest,” he said. “We weren’t quick enough in the first stint and we had a few other issues going on, with brakes and some power issues that were coming and going, but in terms of points we still got a good handful to take away from here. It actually feels a bit like a home race here. Singapore to Perth is like Melbourne to Perth, so for West Australians it’s not too far. Suzuka is in two weeks and that’s another track we can be optimistic for, so I’m looking forward to that. All in all it was a solid weekend.”

Behind Sebastian and Daniel, Alonso finished fourth, Massa fifth, Jean-Eric Vergne sixth, Sergio Perez seventh, Kimi Raikkonen eighth, Nico Hulkenberg ninth and Kevin Magnussen tenth.

Cara Delevingne tells us about the new #MadeForMischief campaign

Here at Pepe Jeans we’re very excited to show off this fascinating interview we had with our mischievous star Cara Delevingne! She told us about her favourite items from the new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, her love for the new campaign she’s starring in and even some confessions on how she works denim into her every day style! Enough said, time to let Cara touch you with her mischievous attitude and unique personality. 

How would you describe your own personal style?

I would describe my own personal style as whatever I want it to be that morning. I don’t know really. I find this a very hard question to answer ‘cause it changes daily. It’s usually comfortable… it’s usually something – not that it’s comfortable, that I’m comfortable in. Comfortable, casual usually. It depends on if I wanted to dress up. Youthful. Maybe sometime a bit quirky. It’s whatever I wake up that morning. I could feel like a dinosaur, I could feel like a ballroom dancer, It depends.



What were your favorite pieces from the Pepe Jeans London FW14 collection?

I was loving the general running theme of the red, kind of additions to the whole thing. The red shirt, the kind a tartan shirt. The red jacket over the leather dress. I obviously love the leather dress. I love the little white fur coat, it was really cool. I loved the leopard print one as well but that wasn’t in the campaign.

And always, the jeans. The jeans are always great because they always fit perfectly. And also this top which I’m planning on stealing (laughs).

Eddie jacket:

Eddie jacket:

Katy leather dress:

Katy leather dress:

Cameron long coat:

Cameron long coat:

Sessile animal print coat:

Sessile animal print coat:

How would you work denim into your every day style?

I work denim into my every day style. I love jeans, jeans are my favorite things ever. I pretty much wore jeans every day of my life for like, at least, two years running. And if not, there will usually be something in there – whether that’s something is a jean jacket as well, double denim, triple denim, shoes as well, maybe a hat. Go all the way. Why not? Denim is there to play with.


How does London affect your personal style?

London affects my personal style generally just because it’s always changing. No one is scared to do new things. You know, all London designers, especially the young ones. I think it’s always about taking eclectic things, taking from kind of past and mixing it together, making something completely new, different colors. Even though I have a kind of style, I never want to be able to… I never like to say no to something. I admire so much clothing, but I don’t necessarily look good in it.

But that’s why being from London, you just kind of love everything. The wackier, the better.

The Pepe campaign tagline for this season is Made for Mischief, what does that mean to you?

I think it’s perfect! I love it. I think it’s great. I kind of want that tattooed on the other side of my foot. I have “Made in England” on one side – “Made for Mischief” should be on the other really. I think everyone is a little made for mischief, it’s just about when that mischief comes out. It’s when that mischievous side of you comes out. Everyone has that in them. You know, the little kid wanting to pull pranks on people or just wanting to have fun really. Not even to rebel, but just to have a good time. Everyone’s made for mischief really. Everyone is right for Pepe!


Cara Delevingne shows that Pepe Jeans is Made for Mischief in the new AW14 campaign

Life is meant for having fun, and Pepe Jeans totally agrees with this. So much so that we’ve incorporated the motto into our new Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign: Made for Mischief.


And who was perfect choice to represent our motto and star in our campaign? None other than our brilliant and mischievous muse, Cara Delevingne! Together with models Claude Simonon and Paolo Anchisi, she takes take a trip back to Pepe’s rebellious roots. You see them all going out together, being young and provocative, messing about and, basically, made for mischief.


The campaign was photographed by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Charlotte Stockdale who aimed to show the beauty of natural rebelliousness.

Let yourself be carried away by Pepe Jeans’ daring spirit and be inspired by our new campaign. Repeat with us: You’re Made for Mischief!


Enjoy the river Thames like never before, with Totally Thames

30 days, 42 miles, over 100 events, 1 river…..with Totally Thames you’ll rediscover the iconic London river through a variety of artistic and cultural activities taking place until 30 September.


During this month of celebration you can enjoy a whole host of artistic, cultural, musical and educational activities. You can participate in regattas, races on the river, outdoor archaeology activities, and many more activities in the 17 London neighbourhoods that border the river.


Totally Thames is organised by the Thames Festival Trust, together with London First, London & Partners, London City Council and dozens of collaborators.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, says:

Without the River Thames, there would be no London; this flowing thoroughfare has played a vital role in the history and success of our city. Fêted in art, poetry, music and film, it has provided a watery stage for major events, from the London 2012 Opening Ceremony to the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Totally Thames is another great celebration of the river, which I hope will make people appreciate its significance even more, whether they use it for commuting, for transporting goods, or for pure pleasure.”

Gordon Innes, Chief Executive, London and Partners, says:

Totally Thames is a fantastic new addition to London’s cultural calendar and will be a real celebration of everything our world-famous river has to offer. The event promises to be a wonderful new platform for the exhibitions, attractions, events and activities happening year-round along the banks of the Thames. From Hampton Court in the west, to Greenwich in the east, this is an unrivalled opportunity to focus in on our diverse and vibrant riverside.”




If you decide to stroll along the backbone of the capital you’ll be able to enjoy art activities, talks, slow cruises, boat races, fireworks in spectacular locations, and an infinite number of other activities!

Check out the calendar of activities to make sure you don’t miss any of them!

Ricciardo and Vettel secure fifth and sixth position in the Italian GP

Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel finished the Italian GP in fifth and sixth position respectively, after a hard-fought race and having begun in difficult positions on the grid.

F1 Grand Prix of Italy

At the beginning of the race, Lewis Hamilton, who started from pole position, was overtaken by Nico Rosberg, Kevin Magnussen and Felipe Massa. Vettel managed to hold on to fifth but Ricciardo lost positions and was in 12th in the early laps of the race.

Massa and Hamilton made a big effort to overtake Magnussen to grab the top positions. Vettel, brining up the rear, failed to get ahead of Magnussen and remained behind him.

F1 Grand Prix of Italy

The Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team decided to go for an offensive strategy and made Vettel stop on lap 18. He left the pit stop with hard tyres and waited until many of the cars had pitted in order to get ahead of the McLaren.

Behind them was Ricciardo, taking advantage of the good shape of his tyres and the pit stops to move up positions and close the gap on the leaders. He managed to overtake Raikkonen and Button and secured eighth position. Employing his skills at the wheel, Daniel then got past Perez. He now had Vettel and Magnussen in his sights.

F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Qualifying

Daniel Ricciardo took advantage of the good condition of his tyres to overtake teammate Sebastian Vettel, who didn’t make it easy for him at the beginning. After a couple of attempts, Ricciardo managed to get past Vettel and defended his fifth position until the end of the race.

The strategy helped today, it kept the tyres fresh enough to go those extra few laps at the end,” said Daniel afterwards. “I saw the cars in front of me pit and the pace was still good enough, so seeing that we didn’t have great pace when we were out of position we thought we would try something different and that’s why we went long, which helped towards the end of the race.”

I was more comfortable with the prime tyre and was able to do some good moves, which kept me smiling,” he added. “The start wasn’t ideal, it’s one of the longest runs up to Turn One here from the start line and it’s not a place where you want to have a bad one, but I dropped the clutch and didn’t get the traction, so we will have to look at that, but we kept a cool head and picked our way back through the field. I think fifth, even with a good start, was the best we could do.”

F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Qualifying

Meanwhile, Vettel tried to prevent Perez and Magnussen from getting ahead of him, the latter having received a penalty for an earlier infringement. Ricciardo and Vettel finally crossed the finish line in fifth and sixth place respectively, behind Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Felipe Massa who won a spot on the podium for the first time this season, and Valtteri Bottas.

I think that was the most we could do today,” said Seb of the team performance. “On the primes we weren’t able to look after the tyres as well as we wanted to. The target is to get back to the front, at the moment the gap is quite big but we will have to work hard to close it again. We have had some difficulties this year, but they can only make us stronger if we learn from them. In terms of strategy we wanted to get the McLarens, so we went aggressive with the early stop, but the tyres started going off at the end and all in all that was what we could do today.”

F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Practice

A Pepe Jeans London Denim Celebration

It all started at Portobello Market 40 years ago, the place where Pepe Jeans took its first steps into the world of fashion by selling jeans, which later became the brand’s identity. Right from the outset, Pepe Jeans wanted to convey the importance of quality, the perfect fit, and innovative design in all its collections. You can see this philosophy in our collections dedicated exclusively to denim: the Portobello, 73 Range, The Heritage and Tru Blu collections. But in what way are the collections different?




The Portobello collection remains true to our roots, maintaining the youthful spirit influenced by the streets of London, a powerful representation of the brand. The 73 collection is a tribute to the year in which Pepe Jeans was born and, as such, is inspired by the world of rock ’n’ roll and the art and music scene at that time. So, if what you’re looking for is adventurous styles and bold, authentic textures, then this is the collection for you!


PEPE JEANS LONDON Denim Brochure15

Meanwhile, the Heritage collection is aimed solely at the man who loves the past. Its designs include the most vintage, most iconic and most authentic replicas of our collections. Preserving our planet is something that we’re concerned about, which is why we created the Tru Blu collection, the new line of organic denim that is totally committed to the environment, and to fashion of course. All the pieces in the collection are manufactured without the use of chemicals and with the minimum consumption of water.

PEPE JEANS LONDON Denim Brochure12


PEPE JEANS LONDON Denim Brochure20

PEPE JEANS LONDON Denim Brochure21

That’s how we continue to celebrate our 40 years in the industry, paying homage to denim and creating iconic collections. Long live denim!