Vettel and Ricciardo have a great time in an exciting German GP

Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo showed us once again exactly what they’re capable of. Both drivers negotiated the obstacles in their path and finished in fourth and sixth position respectively.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

Nico Rosberg managed to notch up his fourth win this season. Just behind him was the Williams‘ driver, Valtteri Bottas, who crossed the line in second place, followed by the second Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton, securing third place after having started from the 20th position on the grid.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

Sebastian Vettel fought yet another epic duel with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and, after a few tyre changes, managed to get past the Spaniard. Daniel Ricciardo wasn’t so lucky, however, also joining the battle between the third-time champion and the Ferrari driver, but failing to overtake the latter.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Practice

It was fun with Fernando today – we started maybe where we left off in Silverstone,” said Seb. “It was quite entertaining, the first half of the race, and at one point it was quite tight with both the Ferraris, but we managed to stay ahead.”

These are the moments and battles that I personally thrive off and enjoy,” Daniel Ricciardo confessed. “Fernando is known to be a tough fighter and I thought who better to have a good fight with. I was on the Primes and he was on fresher options and I gave it the best fight I could and, well.., nearly!”

But the race was by no means a bed of roses. Just after they got the starting signal, Felipe Massa (Williams) and Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) clashed, leaving Massa uninjured but out of the race. Magnussen was able to continue, but was left at the rear. Daniel Ricciardo was also affected by the accident and was forced to take evasive action, which made him drop back to 15th position. That didn’t mean his race was ruined though, because the Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver put all his skills to the test and continued to claw back positions until finally finishing the race in 6th position.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Previews

I wasn’t as worse off as Massa and hopefully he is okay,” Daniel Ricciardo said. “I was on the outside and the collision happened, I had to avoid it and went pretty far down the field, I don’t know exactly how far back. From then on I just got on to the radio and said let’s make an amazing recovery and make ourselves proud today. And I think we did that, we fought hard and we didn’t leave anything on the table.”

The race ended with Rosberg in first position, Bottas in second, Hamilton in third, Vettel in fourth, Alonso in fifth, and Ricciardo in sixth position.

That was one of the most enjoyable races I’ve had. I mean, not on the first lap, obviously, that was just the wrong place at the wrong time.” Said Daniel Ricciardo.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Qualifying

Team Principal Christian Horner said that the race result was the most he expected from the team in this hard but exciting race:

Fourth and sixth were the absolute maximum we could achieve out of today, especially after the first corner when Daniel did an amazing job to avoid the accident. There was some great racing with Sebastian and Fernando early in the race and he was really our main competitor today. Our strategy worked out that we were able to beat him in the end reasonably comfortably with Sebastian and Daniel came close as well after recovering extremely well and fighting hard with some more great racing towards the end. It was an exciting Grand Prix – there’s still a big gap to Mercedes but we’re working hard to try and close it down.”

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

The Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers are now eagerly awaiting the next race, in Hungary, where we hope they’ll show once again what they’re capable of, and enjoy it as much as they did in this German GP.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Qualifying

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

Lana Del Rey´s newest Album “Ultraviolence“

Toppling the world charts once again with her recently released album, “Ultraviolence,” Lana Del Rey´s is back with her signature retro sound, vintage appearance, and various references to American pop culture. Making its debut after her previous album “Born to Die” released in 2012, this album surpasses all expectations. Aided by Black KeysDan Auerbach hip-hop beats were traded in for more instrumental elements creating a more aesthetic sound.


The title, Ultraviolence, taken from Anthony Burgess’ dystopian novel A Clockwork Orange, foreshadows the darker sound her album produces. This 11-track album mixes passion, aspiration, and sadness into one as Del Rey´s dives straight into the center of American Culture singing about money, cars, drugs and relationships with bad boys.

Feel the passion from the start listening to the opening song “Cruel World,” which contains seductive lyrics about the relief she felt moving on from a destructive Bonnie and Clyde relationship. Wondering in her little red party dress she sings “shared my body and mind with you, that’s all over now.”


Or perhaps cruise down Southern California listening to “West Coast” or visit New York in the song “Brooklyn Baby.” A parody about New York hipsters portrayed with lyrics about her boyfriend in band. This unforgettable album that will leave you satisfied from start to finish!




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Ricciardo climbs the podium and Vettel battles it out in one of the most exciting duels of the season

The Silverstone race was one of the most entertaining in the F1 World Championship so far. Daniel Ricciardo finished the Great Britain GP with a well-deserved third place, making this his fourth appearance on the podium this season.

Sebastian Vettel finished in fifth but battled it out in the Championship‘s most exciting duels to date, together with Fernando Alonso. Lewis Hamilton won the race again, making this his fifth victory of the season. He was followed by Valtteri Bottas.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain - Practice

But what really marked this race was the spectacular crash suffered by Kimi Raikkonen, which immediately brought out the safety car and resulted in the race being red flagged. Fortunately though, Raikkonen was able to walk away from the car and suffered no major injury. Even so, the race was stopped for an hour. Taking advantage of the red flag downtime our Infiniti Red Bull Racing team swapped their tyres for a harder set.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain - Qualifying

“After the initial delay we elected to change both drivers onto the harder tyre for the restart, which we believed would give us more strategic options,” Team Principal Christian Horner said. “We decided to pit relatively early to try and get the undercut on the McLaren cars ahead and, whilst that was successful with both the cars, unfortunately it put us out of the range of a one stop with Sebastian.”

When the race resumed, Daniel was overtaken by Bottas and Alonso. He made a pit stop on lap 15 and the Team decided that Daniel should make a second stop further on, but after an on-the-spot decision he finally kept going until he crossed the finish line.

“The one stop wasn’t planned,” Daniel Ricciardo said. “We pitted quite early on the Prime because we were quite slow and it wasn’t working, so we came in for the Option and, at one point, my engineer pretty much said alright four laps to go on this tyre then let’s box. I said the pace seems OK, the tyres aren’t getting any worse and let’s try and stay out or at least think about keeping me out there and he said OK we’ll look at our options. Then, a few laps later he said do you think you can go to the end, there’s 15 or 20 laps to go, and I said, at the moment I think we can give it a crack. And so, yeah, we did and it paid off!”

However, what was to mark the final outcome of the race was Nico Rosberg’s gearbox problems, which forced the German to retire on the 29th lap. Ricciardo demonstrated perfect control of his car and overtook the rest of his opponents, climbing up to third position. With 15 laps to go, Ricciardo was only 10 seconds behind Button, but the McLaren driver had fresher tyres. Button made up ground quickly and by the final lap he was just 1.8s behind Ricciardo. Daniel held on bravely, however, to claim what he called “the best third place I’ve ever got”.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain

For Vettel, the race was marked by a thrilling battle with Fernando Alonso. Both displayed their technical skills and temperament over 10 laps but Vettel played his cards right and finally overtook Alonso on lap 46.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain - Previews

“After we pitted him for the second time, he dropped behind Fernando and then had an enthralling battle with him, finally making a great move to get the pass. However it cost him a great deal of time to be able to catch the cars ahead, so fifth was the maximum we could achieve with Sebastian today.” Team Principal Christian Horner said.

Finally, Hamilton crossed the line first, pursued by Bottas and Ricciardo. Daniel is now on 98 points, 11 points more than Fernando Alonso, who is in fourth place. The 10 points from the Silverstone race leave Vettel in seventh position in the Drivers’ standings.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain

“I feel good!” Daniel Ricciardo said. “I’m not normally ecstatic with a third but I really am today, obviously to redeem myself from yesterday and also the fact that I don’t think we had an awesome race car today, but we made it work.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain

We’re already looking forward to the next GP, on Vettel’s home turf in Germany!

July’s Playlist

This month our playlist comes from Stereoboard, your only destination for the latest tour news and tickets. Festival season is well and truly underway, but there are also some outstanding shows on the horizon. Check out choice cuts from just some of the acts – including the Gaslight Anthem, Chance The Rapper and more – that will hit venues near you in the next few months.

  1. Atmosphere – Kanye West

  2. Chance The Rapper – Juice

  3. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks

  4. Rise Against – I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore

  5. Sharon Van Etten – Taking Chances

  6. Spoon – Rent I Pay

  7. The Gaslight Anthem – Rollin’ And Tumblin’

  8. Lykke Li – Gunshot

  9. Dry The River – Gethsemane

  10. The Menzingers – In Remission

  11. No Devotion – Stay

  12. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Temple Grandin

Playlist compiled by Stereoboard
Web:, Twitter:, Facebook:

Skywalking, the latest photo trend

Taking photography to a new dimension, skywalking is the latest craze that was started by teenagers in Russia and has now spread to other parts of the world. Characterised as another adventure to add to your bucket list, skywalking involves climbing buildings, monuments, or any other tall structure to shoot a one of a kind photograph with an exceptional background. Taking adventure to the next level, most of those who participate climb without the use of any safety equipment.

(Photos by Vadim Mahora / Dedmaxopka)



One of the first to popularize this latest fad was Vadim Mahora, who along with his team climbed to jaw-dropping heights to take breathtaking photography of Europe’s most famous attractions from a perspective never seen before. Although the photos are incredible, we would recommend not trying it at home!











The Austrian GP turns out to be a hard race for Infiniti Red Bull Racing

The Austrian Grand Prix was not one of the best for Infiniti Red Bull Racing. Despite racing at home, Sebastian Vettel had to withdraw from the race after 34 laps, and although Daniel Ricciardo tried to finish in a good position, he had to put up with finishing 8th, winning four points.

F1 Grand Prix of Austria - Previews

On lap 1 Sebastian started in 12th position, but right from the beginning the car suffered from loss of power. He had to stop at the edge of the track though he managed to start his RB10 again.

In spite of being a lap behind the other cars, Sebastian carried on racing. On lap 28 he ran into the back of Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber) and this affected his pace. Unfortunately, 5 laps later, Sebastian had to withdraw from the race.

F1 Grand Prix of Austria F1 Grand Prix of Austria - Qualifying

We stopped because we wanted to save some mileage,” explained Sebastian afterwards. “We were hoping for a safety car but it wasn’t coming.”

Obviously, it has been a bad first half of the season with a few retirements and other problems, but I guess it is part of the game,” he added. “Equally we were able to learn a lot today and it’s good that Daniel got some points for us. It would be bad to say I got used to it, but obviously we have had a lot of problems so far already and I got calmer when the problem occurred. Our pace looked alright and we were able to go quite far on the soft tyre, but we were a lap down so in the end we decided to save some mileage.”

F1 Grand Prix of Austria - Previews

As for Daniel Ricciardo, his start to the race wasn’t as good as he’d wished. He lost four positions at the beginning and fell to 9th place. After his first pit stop he continued the race in 12th position, though during the rest of the race he managed to creep forwards, taking advantage of Kvyat’s suspension problems and the pit stops of Sergio Perez (Force India) and Jenson Button (McLaren).

F1 Grand Prix of Austria - PracticeF1 Grand Prix of Austria - Qualifying

On the last lap Ricciardo used his skill to overtake Nico Hülkenberg, who was left in 9th position, to climb to 8th place where Ricciardo finished the race.

It was frustrating today; it’s never nice going backwards on the first lap,” said Daniel. “Off the line, it was actually one of our better starts this year, although I think Kevin Magnussen on the inside got a better one. I tried to hang around on the outside, which was the wrong thing to do, because you basically lose too much on the exit. So I then got swamped on the long straight. We already struggle on the long straights as it is, but even more when you get a poor exit. So I was frustrated with myself and I will have to look if maybe I could have cut to the inside and done anything better.”

From that point on we tried to push and catch the others, but we just didn’t have that much pace,” he added. “It wasn’t until the last bit that we were able to overtake the Force India. The last lap move put a little smile on my face, but other than that it wasn’t a great race for us – we’ve got a bit of work to do.”

F1 Grand Prix of Austria

At the front of the race, Felipe Massa, Valtteri Bottas and Nico Rosberg were battling for the first positions. Massa lost a few positions after his first pit stop, which both Mercedes drivers took advantage of. Rosberg became the leader of the race and Hamilton established himself in second position. Bottas tried to take the position away from Hamilton but once Bottas’ had stopped for the second time, he found it impossible to successfully overtake the driver from Mercedes.

F1 Grand Prix of Austria - Qualifying

In the end, the race finished with the two cars from Mercedes crossing the chequered flag first (Rosberg first and Hamilton second), sharing the podium with Bottas, who was the third to cross the line. Massa was 4th, Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 5th. Behind them came Sergio Perez in 6th position, Kevin Magnussen 7th and, bringing up the rear, Daniel Ricciardo in 8th position.

It was a tough day on track – unfortunately Sebastian lost power right from the first lap with an engine electrical issue, which we are yet to understand the cause of.” Team Principal Christian Horner said. “Daniel, after getting a bit wide after Turn 1, was never able to really recover. Our lack of straight line speed seemed to really hurt us today and despite a great move on the last lap round the outside of Turn 5 by Daniel, P8 was probably the maximum today.”

There’s been a huge crowd and it’s great for Formula One to be back in Austria.” He said. “Congratulations to Mr Mateschitz and everyone in Red Bull for putting on such a wonderful event and showing how a Formula One event can and should be promoted.”

In conclusion, the Austrian Grand Prix was a difficult race for the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team. We wish them lots of luck and send them all our strength for the next Grand Prix in the country where Pepe Jeans was born, in the United Kingdom!

Insider: Joseph Ford

There are some photographers who enjoy shooting fashion and others who appreciate shooting landscapes. British photographer, Joseph Ford, is famous for creating outstanding photography by merging both together into one. So far he has shot on location, in studio, from helicopters, boats and cranes, underwater and up mountains.

Just recently Joseph Ford collaborated with us in a photo series that combined Pepe Jeans items with classic London landmarks. We were able to get the inside scoop on this project and more! Check it out for yourself below:

1. What made you want to become a photographer?

Discovering the work of Bill Brandt.

2. Where does your inspiration come from?

A huge number of daily influences: art, cinema, the natural world, patterns and situations I come across by chance.

© Joseph Ford

© Joseph Ford

3. How did you come up with the idea to take aerial photos and combine them with garments?

I’ve always been fascinated by the patterns and shapes one sees from the air. The way buildings and natural scenes take on a different perspective when seen from above made me think about the way they could be linked to clothing.

© Joseph Ford

© Joseph Ford

© Joseph Ford

© Joseph Ford

4. What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?

Doing new things all the time.

5. What would be your dream photo shoot?

Something completely different. Maybe a fashion shoot inside an ice cave or on a glacier.

© Joseph Ford

© Joseph Ford

6. What has been your biggest struggle when taking photos?

Choosing which ideas to pursue and having to accept that there isn’t time to do everything I think of.

7. How did you decide on the photos and clothing garments to use together in the Pepe Jeans London photo shoot?

I spent a long time planning which areas to shoot from the helicopter, based on the patterns I saw in the garments. Once I had the aerial pictures, I explored the matching possibilities to test which elements would combine in the most interesting fashion.

1. Pepe Jeans Joseph Ford - Piccadilly Circus

© Joseph Ford for Pepe Jeans

© Joseph Ford for Pepe Jeans

© Joseph Ford for Pepe Jeans

8. Any exciting project?

A trip to Hawaii this autumn, photographing volcanoes amongst other things!

© Joseph Ford

© Joseph Ford

Check out his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,

Pepe´s Summer Music Festival Recommendations

Festival season is here once again! Generating thousands of music fans into one place for a guaranteed unforgettable experience you are not going to want to miss this years top summer festivals. So grab your Pepe gear and take off for a trip to one of the destinations we mention below!


England: Glastonbury

Up first, we have Glastonbury, held in Somerset England. Spend the last weekend of June from the 25th-29th embracing hippie and counterculture roots at the largest Greenfield music festival in the world. Not only does this festival offer music entertainment from every genre imaginable, but also includes performing arts in theatre, circus, and more.

Glastonbury Music Festival: 40th Anniversary - Day 1

Spain: Bilbao BBK Live

If you enjoy hot summer temperatures, beautiful scenery, and great music head to Bilbao, Spain from July 10th until the 12th for this alternative rock and pop music festival. You are guaranteed a good time with headliners including The Black Keys, The Lumineers, and The Prodigy.


Belgium: Tomorrowland

Make sure you pack your tents for this music festival! Taking place twice this year in Boom, Belgium, Tomorrowland will make you feel apart of a fairytale with its over the top stage decorations. This year top artists featured include Hardwell, Diplo, and Above & Beyond. See the magic for yourself either July 18th -20th or July 25th -27th.


United States: Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is located in the heart of Chicago at Grant Park August 1st through the 3rd. Offering a diverse lineup of more than 130 acts including Lorde, Eminem, and Kings of Leon the good times will never end. Make sure you don’t miss this year´s celebration for its 10th year anniversary.


England: Leeds

Finishing the list is Leeds music festival located at Bramham Park in England. Celebrate the bank holiday weekend of August 22nd-24th like never before with the best rock, Indie and alternative music such as Blink-182, Foster the People, and Imagine Dragons.

Leeds Festival 16

With the endless possibilities of summer festivals located around the world from The United States to England and Spain, pack your bags and head out for an unforgettable journey! When you return, don´t forget to let us know what music festival your favorite was.