Happy Scary Halloween with Pepe Jeans

Fancy dress costumes, sweets, ghoulish pumpkins with holes carved out and lit by candlelight…yes, the scariest night of the year is just around the corner and we’re all getting excited about it, but especially the kids. Dressing up as your favourite terrifying person is fun, but this year at Pepe Jeans we want to celebrate it a little bit differently. You get to flaunt your style, so why shouldn’t the kids do too? Trick or treat? It’s Halloween at Pepe Jeans!


What would Halloween be without black! It’s the colour that best represents this tradition, so although we’ll be celebrating it in style this year, that doesn’t mean the kids have to do without black. Our black William sweatshirt or striped Dugal shirt are two ideal choices so the kids can go around terrorising the neighbours. And with a little bit of makeup and imagination they could even pass themselves off as Edward Scissorhands! Get more ideas for boys at www.pepejeans.com!


The most famous witch on the planet is also one of the biggest fashionistas – remember Sabrina’s outfits? The red leather biker jacket was a staple in her wardrobe. A black straight-line dress and a deep red biker jacket is the coolest, scariest option for the kids when they set out on their magic adventure on such a special night. Get more ideas for girls at www.pepejeans.com!


This year for our Halloween party we didn’t want the usual kind of costumes. At Pepe Jeans we reserve the right to admission and only allow in the season’s coolest garments. Here are our Halloween proposals for this year; fun, terrifying…..but with style of course! Which will you choose?


Our Junior&Kids autumn/winter 2014 collection for the younger ones!

The AW14 Junior&Kids collection this season is livelier than ever before! Without losing that characteristic Pepe Jeans touch, it offers a creative casual style so that getting dressed will be much more fun. Here we suggest some of the top items in our Junior&Kids collection, so you can get the best looks this season for the kids in the house.


Indigo is the colour of the season for our Essentials line. While the boys can enjoy renewed outerwear and shirts with print detail, the girls’ collection is full of floral motifs, check and authentically-British prints.

Shop now: Celestine jumper; Giacomo sweatshirt


The Seventy Three collection is inspired by Pepe Jeans’ characteristic rock ‘n’ roll style. We decided on a palette of soft colours and a variety of textures and prints to complete the girls’ outfits. Meanwhile, the garments in the boys’ collection are awash with classic check, Union Jack colours and eye-catching designs.

Shop now: Braz Coat; Alba biker jacket


This collection perfectly captures the spirit of winter, with warm textures like wool and cotton. For the girls, a combination of floral prints and maxi checks are a must on all garments. The boys can choose between vivid colours and lively prints, flannel shirts and knitwear for maximum comfort.

Shop now: Isaac jacket; Cassidy cardigan


The Pop Art by Warhol collection is back again this season with a youthful air and customised shirts. For the boys, illustrated prints combined with a tie-dye effect, and for the girls, pre Pop Art designs with extra-large motifs of Marilyn and Campbell’s Soup cans. It’s a key style for this season!

Shop now: Harriet T-shirt; David T-shirt

The essential Vintage Footwear Care Kit for our Icon boots

IMG_6217 copy

This season you can’t be without our Icon boots! They’ll be your most loyal allies this winter, the perfect companions for your adventures around the streets and cities.

IMG_6226 copy

So we at Pepe Jeans have a fail-safe method for you to keep your Icon boots in tip-top condition – our Vintage Footwear Care Kit! It’ll help you maintain that cool distressed look for much longer.

The kit contains four basic elements: a brush and cloth, essential for thorough cleaning, neutral dubbin for keeping the leather hydrated and, for the final flourish, sandpaper for the toe and heel. Yes, it’s that easy!

IMG_6221 copy

In this video you’ll see how three simple steps can help you obtain the perfect result for our Icon boots:

Want the best distressed look ever?

Stepping it out in autumn with Pepe Jeans London

Know what’s trendy in footwear this autumn-winter 2014? This season we want to cover the needs of all fashionistas, so here’s a selection of different models that you should include among your autumn footwear if you want to be up with the latest; ankle boots with a rock’n’roll soul, sneakers with unique prints and riding boots for everyday wear. These will ensure you step out in real style this autumn! Let’s get introduced!

The platform blucher is an absolute autumn must-have, perfect for your daytime outfits and for those rock’n’roll nights too. As well as being comfortable, they’re key to achieving that casual grunge look. If you weren’t wearing them last season, then now’s the time!


Shop online

The classic leather ankle boot with a metal buckle stars in our autumn looks again this season. Because classics stand the test of time! With trousers, jeans or dresses, and paired with elegant tights or socks, leather boots are always a safe bet that your autumn footwear collection should never be without.



Shop online


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After a few seasons of loyalty to ankle boots, high boots are again carving out a spot for themselves among the star footwear this season. At Pepe Jeans we’ve gone for a more informal version with laces, the ideal choice for your daytime outfits. Will you be flaunting them again this season?


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And for your casual outfits there’s nothing like a bit of animal print. Although we’ve seen this print in the shop windows for several seasons now, it’s still up there among the fashionistas’ favourites for this autumn and winter. Dare to unleash your wild side?



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Get yourself a pair of shoes in every style and be the first to wear the latest trends in footwear this season with Pepe Jeans!

The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection for urban guys!

This week, our selection of garments from the new AW14 collection is for the boys! A selection that takes in everything from urban to rock, with the brand’s ever-present London influence. The new addition this season is the Portobello Black collection, which is full of the coolest looks for this autumn.


Fill your wardrobe with classic garments from our Essentials collection! Warm and comfortable clothes to complete your casual and elegant outfits. They’ll be the big hit this season!

Shop now: Berkshire coat; Aspen jumper


The new Portobello collection centres on the all-black look, with special garments, bomber jackets and asymmetrical jackets. Other highlights are the check shirts and skinny trousers, with a particular emphasis on autumnal colours like burgundy, grey and blue. Check out the authentic London rocker’s wardrobe!

Shop now: Koston bomber jacket; Moonwalker biker jacket


The Seventy Three collection takes us on a musical journey. Inspired by the punk style, it incorporates grey tones, faded and worn looks than give the garments an authentic rustic effect.

Shop now: Flynn bomber jacket; Rider T-shirt


This season, the Andy Warhol collection for guys offers an urban skater style that’s all about comfort and warmth. Eye-catching colours and Warholian prints abound!

Shop now: Wall Campbell’s sweatshirt; Brooklyn T-shirt


Inspired by mountain landscapes, this collection for the Modern Classic man comes with the traditional kind of wrap-up clothing, a mix of faded-look thick-knit jerseys with a retro touch. The most classical of trends is still in fashion!

Shop now: Zeri parka; Lozen parka


A line of clothing inspired by vintage denim fabrics and iconic garments which have been given a modern twist with new details and finishes. The collection is full of rustic, lively colours sprinkled with darker tones, symbolising the mix of contemporary and classic.

Shop now: Bawer cardigan; Garwood anorak


This is Pepe Jeans London’s second collection in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, offering a vintage line that continues with the London-academic style. The hand-painted crests, logos and appliqués are the hallmark of this collection. This season, jeans and denim blazers round off the collection perfectly.

Shop now: Ceillac jumper; Adams Blazer

A chilly race for Infiniti Red Bull Racing at the Russian GP

The GP in Russia wasn’t a particularly memorable one for Infiniti Red Bull Racing, or for its drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel who finished in seventh and eighth place respectively. Mercedes took the constructors’ title after the double victory of its drivers.

Hamilton got off to a good start at the beginning of the race, with his teammate Rosberg trying to snatch the lead from him on lap 2. Hamilton blocked his advance however, so Rosberg took advantage of the moment to change his tyres. Although he didn’t manage to get to first position, Rosberg settled for finishing the race in P2.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

Behind them, Daniel didn’t have the best of starts and dropped back to tenth position, having left the grid in sixth. Sebastian, however, had a more positive start, leaving the grid in tenth position and climbing up a position on the first lap.

The German had a good pace going at the start of the race. Both Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers made an attempt to catch Magnussen (McLaren) after overtaking Vergne (Toro Rosso). Just then, Sebastian and Daniel entered their own private battle for sixth position. The condition of Daniel’s tyres forced him to switch them for mediums on lap 11. After the change, he rejoined the race in P17 and spent the rest of it trying to climb positions.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

Meanwhile, Sebastian managed to hold on to sixth place until lap 26, when the drivers in front of them started to make pit stops. This allowed Sebastian to gain a few positions, but he still hadn’t passed through the pit. When he finally had to stop to change his tyres, he dropped back to eighth place behind Daniel. Daniel tried to pressure Alonso (Ferrari), who was hanging on to sixth position, but the Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver couldn’t get past him and the team had to settle for seventh and eighth place and the 10 points they picked up.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Previews

The first few laps were pretty hectic and we lost a few places at the start,” said Daniel of his race. “We will have to have a look at that, it’s nearly the end of the season now, but we haven’t had many good starts, so that’s a bit frustrating.”

Starting the race the tyre was already blistered, it had quite a bit from qualifying, so it wasn’t looking too healthy and the first stint made it worse; I could see it starting to come apart, so we had to pit quiet early,” he added. “Then on the prime the tyre lasted well and we had good pace and could match Alonso, but couldn’t get past. Congrats to Mercedes – it’s been a dominant season by them, so hats off to them.”

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Previews

Sebastian, meanwhile, summed up his outing by saying that it had been a lonely afternoon:

I had a good start and then a tough battle with Daniel, but from them onwards the speed was nothing special, we had the same issues as we had in qualifying. I was alone for a lot of the race, the beginning was entertaining, but after that it wasn’t that busy. Congratulations to Mercedes on the title, they deserve it.”

Ahead of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers, Hamilton nabbed his ninth win of the season, with Rosberg contenting himself with second place and sharing the podium with Bottas (Williams). Button’s and Magnussen’s McLarens came in fourth and fifth respectively. Alonso crossed the finish line in P6 and behind him were the Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers, Sebastian and Daniel, ending the race in P7 and P8.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Qualifying

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

The result meant Mercedes winning the Constructors’ title. The 10 points earned by Sebastian and Daniel keeps them in second place in the manufacturers’ standings, with a total of 342 points. Williams are in third place, with 216 points.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Previews

Discover Pepe Jeans’ boldest ever Autumn/Winter 2014 collection for women!

Autumn’s here and at Pepe Jeans London we’ve got everything ready for you to show off some top looks this season with the best selection from our new AW14 collection. The coolest and boldest items are here to fill your wardrobe with the latest trends! From tartan and animal prints, to leather and the ever-popular denim. Discover what’s new in our women’s collections and find exactly what you’re looking for!


We’re reinventing the classics of the season! The best basic pieces are a must-have in your winter wardrobe and always reflect the British essence of Pepe Jeans.

Shop now: Olimpia parka; Meg coat


The new Portobello line is a young, casual collection with a touch of rock. It’s awash with Scottish plaid, combined with autumnal colours, and is the perfect collection for any rock star!

Shop now: Eddie bomber; Heather anorak


Grunge and punk are the signature styles of this season’s denim 73 collection. The tie-dye and faded effect are a big hit, giving clothes a cool, worn look. It’s now time to wrap up against the cold with true denim style!

Shop now: Cass cardigan; Belinda dress


Urban style forms the basis of the autumn/winter Andy Warhol collection. All the pieces contain that Warhol Pop Art touch, with eye-catching colours and prints that express the Warholian sensibility to perfection.

Shop now: Marilyn Monroe dress; Allison blouse


This collection takes us on a journey through the British music scene up to the new rock of today. From rockabillies to punks, this is a masculine collection but with a feminine side.

Shop now: Baltimore coat; Curlew dress


A collection with rock ‘n’ roll roots for girls who have that star aura about them. A cool, rock style inspired by images of the classic bands of Los Angeles in the 90s.

Shop now: Bodmin biker; Sessile print coat

Our most daring muse, Cara Delevingne, has already picked out her favourite garments from the new collection. So don’t wait any longer, get yours now!

Third and fourth in a rain-soaked race in Japan. Concern for Bianchi.

Sebastian Vettel climbed the podium for the fourth time in the championship at the Japanese GP, and his teammate Daniel Ricciardo nabbed fourth position. The race had to be stopped 8 laps early due to a serious accident involving the Marussia driver, Jules Bianchi, who was removed from the track in an ambulance.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

The atmosphere in the pit lane was very subdued at the end of the race, with all the teams waiting to hear about Bianchi’s health. From Pepe Jeans we would like to wish him a quick recovery, our main thoughts are with him.

Everything that happened with the racing on track is secondary today, one of us is in a bad shape and we don’t yet know how he is,” said Sebastian. “Jules had a bad accident and we hope to have some very good news, very soon. Not knowing what’s going on feels terrible, I think all the drivers really feel with him, as we know how difficult and slippery it was today; we hope for the very best.”

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Previews

Daniel also expressed his concern for Bianchi:

Right now we’re all thinking about Bianchi and that’s the biggest concern for us. We heard he had a pretty big crash and it’s not nice when we don’t know if the driver is okay. The race was tricky, it wasn’t going too badly and the set-up we had for yesterday paid off. We tried a few different things with the strategy, but Bianchi is my main concern at the moment.”

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Previews

The race was marked by rain from the start. The approach of Typhoon Phanfone threatened to suspend the race but fortunately the rain eased off a bit. In any case, the drivers had to come out behind the safety car and the race didn’t really get going until after the first few laps. Daniel started from P6 and Sebastian from P9.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

With the initial laps behind them, the two Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers managed to advance a position due to Fernando Alonso having to withdraw because of electrical problems with his Ferrari.

Many of the divers changed to intermediate tyres to adapt to the weather conditions. Daniel was first, and then Sebastian, with the Mercedes drivers the last to change their tyres. Button managed to climb up to third position, overtaking Bottas and Massa, while Sebastian got ahead of his teammate Daniel, leaving him behind in sixth position. On lap 16, Sebastian overtook Massa and followed the same strategy a few laps later to overtake Bottas and secure fourth position. Daniel was also able to get past his immediate opponents and was now defending fifth position. Both drivers we trying to overtake Button. At the head of the race, Hamilton was battling it out for first position with his teammate Rosberg. Hamilton finally took the lead on lap 29 and held it until the end of the race.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Practice

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

At this point the drivers had to make a second round of pit stops. Sebastian stopped on lap 29 for more intermediates. He was followed by Button, who took longer than expected as he had to change a wheel. Daniel squeezed his tyres a little bit longer and didn’t stop until lap 36. He came out again behind Sebastian and Button but didn’t take long in overtaking the latter on lap 42.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

Meanwhile, Sutil (Sauber) collided with the barriers on the Dunlop Curve. While they were removing his car, Bianchi crashed in the same spot but with worse consequences. The safety car had to come out and, given the magnitude of the accident, it was decided to stop the race.

When a race is stopped by a red flag, the protocol dictates that the race is ended and the drivers classified according to the order in the penultimate lap before the red flag is seen. The classification was in the following order: Hamilton won the race, his teammate Rosberg was right behind him and they were followed up by Sebastian and Daniel in third and fourth place respectively.

Christian Horner summed up the atmosphere of the race at the end of what was a tough day:

First of all, irrelevant of anything else, our thoughts are with Jules Bianchi and that he’s okay; that is the absolute first priority.”

For the race, it was a strong race performance by the team with both drivers making great progress and some fantastic overtaking moves. Third and fourth are competitive results. We looked a lot more competitive in the wet conditions, which tend to be a great equaliser.”

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

Moreover, Infiniti Red Bull Racing team just announced that Sebastian Vettel will be leaving the team at the end of the 2014 season.

Pepe Jeans would like to join the team´s sincere thank you to Sebastian for the incredible role he has played at Infiniti Red Bull Racing for the last six years and give a warmly welcome to the young Russian driver coming from the Red Bull Junior Programme, Daniil Kvyat that will join Daniel Ricciardo in the 2015.

F1 Testing in Jerez - Day One

October’s Playlist

With autumn here and the good weather gone, we don’t want you to start feeling down. So in our October playlist we bring you the best variety of this month’s hits, courtesy of beatMash Magazine: a digital electronic and indie music publication offering readers exclusive content, the latest releases, news, events, technology, and lots more! It’s already become a website of reference for lovers of the two most cutting-edge sounds around. It’s time to get up and move to the music. Click play!

  1. Kavinsky – Odd Look

  2. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Rockstars

  3. The Bloody Beetroots ft. Theophilus London – All The Girls (Around The World)

  4. The xx – Islands

  5. Justice – DVNO

  6. Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige – F For You

  7. Reptile Youth – Speeddance

  8. Flume & Chet Faker – Drop The Game

  9. C2C – Down The Road

  10. The Toxic Avenger – Romance & Cigarettes

  11. The Knocks – Classic

  12. Wolftmother – Joker And The Thief

Playlist compiled by beat Mash Magazine
Web: beatmashmagazine.com, Facebook: beatmashmagazine,
Twitter: @beatmashmag, Youtube: beatmashersTV, Google+: beatmashmag.

Pepe Jeans presents its new Autumn/Winter 2014 Footwear collection in its Mischief Cube

Imagine a place where you can do whatever you want. Well, Pepe Jeans Footwear has invented just the place, and it’s called the Mischief Cube.





We invite you pop into the Cube and get caught up in that Pepe Jeans’ spirit. Feel the freedom, excess and mischievousness that are so characteristic of Pepe. But the best thing of all is that you’ll discover the Autumn/Winter 2014 footwear collection that’s already making a big impact this season.






If you like what you see, all you have to do is visit www.pepejeans.com and check out the full collection for men, women, and kids. You’ll wonder how you’ve survived without the collections before now!