Daniel Ricciardo victorious in a fantastic race

Daniel Ricciardo notched up his third win of the season at the Belgian GP, giving the Team its 50th grand prix victory. On top of that, Ricciardo became the first Australian since Jack Brabham, in 1960, to win the GP in Belgium.

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel, broke away to finish in fifth position, winning another battle in the final laps and overtaking Jenson Button (McLaren), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) and Kevin Magnussen (McLaren).

The race got off to a promising start. While Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton vied for lead position, Vettel took advantage of the moment to get past Rosberg and continue the race in second position.

Behind them, Daniel, who had started the race in fifth position, was shoulder to shoulder with Fernando Alonso in the early laps. Meanwhile, Rosberg and Hamilton continued to vie for first position, to the point where they ended up colliding with each other. Rosberg was able to get back into the race, but Hamilton was forced to change one of his wheels. He returned to the track but had to withdraw from the race on lap 39.

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

Rosberg’s pace was slowed by the damage to his car and he soon saw Vettel and Ricciardo gaining on him. Ricciardo was getting ever closer to the Mercedes driver. The response from his team was to make a pit stop to change a front wing and to switch the tyres. Daniel went into the lead at this point, and this was the moment when he counter attacked with a consistency strategy. Rosberg had to change his tyres again and Daniel tried to squeeze the most out of his, making a second and final visit to the pit lane in the hope that the new tyres would help win him the race.

And that’s how it was. Daniel’s consistency gave him an advantage over Rosberg and the Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver crossed the finish line 3 seconds ahead of the German.

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

You know everyone was saying we didn’t really have a chance around here, but I think we had some really good pace today and surprised ourselves.” said Daniel afterwards. “It feels a bit surreal, but another win is very cool, very cool.

It was difficult staying out at the end of the race. When you’re the leader as well you always feel like you’re the most vulnerable when it comes to a pit stop or not, but Simon my engineer came on the radio and said I think it’s 11 laps left, can these tyres get to the end? And I said I think I can keep more or less this pace, and we were able to, and then on the last lap I found a couple more tenths, so I was having a bit of fun then!

There’s been a lot of good things about the win today, obviously the last two came from a more aggressive style of race, but today was more calculated and it was nice to win under different circumstances.”

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

Vettel, meanwhile, was very close to finishing the race with a place on the podium. He managed to hold on to third position for a while, but after a tyre change he dropped back to fifth. After stopping for the last time to change the tyres on lap 34, he fell back to eighth position. But Vettel stepped up the pace again and clawed back a few positions, breaking away from Alonso and Jenson Button and finally finishing the race in fifth position.

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium - Qualifying

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

Towards the end of the race was good, I was in a rush to get through because the laps were going down and obviously Alonso and Magnussen didn’t have fresh tyres, so Jenson and me caught them fairly quickly,” he said.

“In the end it was good not to lose a position compared to when we decided to pit, which was probably a little bit late, but in the end we maintained the position. The battle was fairly interesting, it was a bit all over the place with people pushing each other off on the track, but we race hard, although sometimes maybe a bit too hard! The team did a great job in the pit stops, three perfect stops, they felt really quick.”

In short, Daniel’s calm throughout the race ensured perfect control of his car, and leaves him with 156 points in the world ranking, 35 behind Hamilton who is in second place with 191 points. Rosberg leads the rankings with 220 points. Next stop: Monza (Italy).

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium

Insider: Rai Robledo


Back again for our latest edition of Insiders, we had the pleasure of interviewing photographer Rai Robledo. With his keen eye for detail, Rai shoots breath-taking photographs that capture viewers’ attention at first glance. Fashion editorials, concerts, weddings, and more, he does it all. From landscapes to portraits, his work is described as beautiful, elegant, and sensitive. Staying involved in every aspect of the photographic process from start to finish, Rai makes sure his passion and unique flair is transferred to every image. Although known specifically for his outstanding photography, Rai Robledo is also a blogger, social media ambassador and drummer in the group Hominidae. Find out more about Rai Robledo below!

1. What made you want to become a photographer?

I’ve always loved photography. I was really attracted by the light, compositions, and wanted to immortalise the things I saw.

2. Where does your inspiration come from?

From many places. From everyday situations, films, photographs. Anything that happens to you can be a source of inspiration and be transformed into a photo.

3. What type of photos do you prefer taking?

I like photographing people in particular. I really like portraits, but also travel photography, landscapes, and objects. When you’re a photographer you have that urge to photograph everything, although people are what I like most, but they’re also the most difficult…


4. What was the most difficult photo you’ve taken?

When a shot is complicated, or you see that it’s not going to turn out how you wanted, it’s better to just leave it, so there hasn’t really been any photo that was complicated to do.

5. Which famous person have you enjoyed working with most?

I don’t know. I almost prefer to take photos of anonymous people, although I’ve never had a bad experience working with somebody well known.


6. What is it you like most about being a photographer?

Travelling, meeting interesting people. That each day is different. Some days you take photos, some days you edit, some days look for locations, or work on commissioned projects and photos. Every day is different so you never really know where you’ll be in a week’s time or what photos you’ll take.

7. What would be your dream photo?

The ones I haven’t yet taken. There are lots and, luckily, they’re gradually appearing, almost without looking for them they come.

8. We know that, apart from being a photographer, you’re also in the band Hominidae and you’ve played at the FIB. What was the experience like?

Fantastic. We were the winners of the Radio3 demo project and that was the prize. Playing in a festival of that magnitude when you’re used to small, intimate venues was good fun and a great experience. We’re a dive bar band, with people and friends close, but of course we love experiences like playing at the FIB and we’d love to do it again.

9. Your next plans?

To continue working, continue taking photos and to complete the second part of a project I started last year, called “Las chicas son rockeras” (The girls are rockers, where I take photos of girls wearing the t-shirt of their favourite rock, punk or heavy metal band. I already have 182 and I hope that with the second part of the project I can finish and publish them in a book.

Check out his website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kasabian takes the electro rock to another level with 48:13


The title of Kasabian’s new album says it all. 48 minutes and 13 seconds of catchy song choruses to sing and rhythm to dance to. Released on June 9th, 48:13 marks the bands fifth studio record produced since the band was formed 10 years back. After continuous musical experimentation throughout their music career, this album is by far their best yet! A follow up to their 2011 album Velocriraptor!, these British rockers take an unexpected direction creating 13 tracks that jump between multiple genres from electronic and hip hop beats to 60s rock and roll.


A crowd-pleasing album worthy enough to close Glastonbury music festival a few weeks back. Front man Tom Meighan hit the stage in a white jacket and bow tie while the rest of the band wore skeleton suits ready to give an unbelievable performance. Opening the set with hit singles from their new album including foot-stomping throbbing bass of Bumblebee and the lead single Eez-uh, the band also performed tracks from each of their previous albums. Keeping the entertainment going all night the audience was blown away with a diverse set of unexpected twists and turns. Don’t worry if you missed the show, see they hype yourself at one of their upcoming shows!


RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion

The 1960s was a groundbreaking era for fashion! Not only known for popularizing mini skirts or paisley prints, but also for a brief period of time paper dresses. First appearing in the United States in 1966 as a tool used to advertise products, the fad quickly popularized and spread to Europe. Many of these paper dresses are showcased at the RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion exhibit in London, featuring garments from the ATOPOS collection, organized by Vassilis Zidianakis and Stamos Fafalios.

paper fashionThe Big Ones for ’68 Paper Dress by Universal Fashions, USA, 1968. Photo: Panos Davios. © ATOPOS collection.

paper fashionBaby Ruth Paper Dress by Mars Manifacturing Comapny, North Carolina, 1969. Photo: Panos Davios. © ATOPOS collection

paper fashion2Bob Dylan Poster Dress, USA, c. 1967. Photo: Panos Davios. © ATOPOS collection.

This exhibit features the Souper Dress, an Andy Warhol inspired paper pop art dress made and sold during an advertising campaign by Campbell´s Soup Company.

soupThe Souper Dress, after Warhol, by Campbell’s Soup Company, New Jersey, 1968. Photo: Panos Davios. © ATOPOS collection.

Tracing the decade’s key political events, the exhibit displays this electoral campaign dress used to promote Robert Kennedy and Richard Nixon during 1968 presidential election.

NixonRichard Nixon electoral campaign Dress by Mars Manifacturing Company, North Carolina, 1968. Photo: Panos Davios. © ATOPOS collection.

kennedyRobert Kennedy electoral campaign Dress (with portrait by Norman Rockwell), New York, 1968. Photo: Panos Davios. © ATOPOS collection

Don’t miss the chance to travel back in time to the 1960s as you walk though this extraordinary exhibit and learn about the social, cultural, and historical significance of a piece of clothing that represented pop art to political campaigns. On display now at the Barbican International Enterprise in London.

Ernesto Artillo captures Pepe Jeans in one of his collages

The Autumn Winter 2014 pre-collection is proving to be a big hit in all Pepe Jeans stores and we asked Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo to give us his personal view of the Pepe Jeans collection.

Ernesto Artillo is a Spanish artist famous for his creative collages. He cuts out his own images and those of others, combines them with drawings and textures, photographs it all, and then digitally edits it. And the result is truly impressive!

PJL Illustration by Ernesto Artillo 1

PJL Illustration by Ernesto Artillo 5

“I can identify with the timeless tradition and innovation of Pepe Jeans because I think these aspects are also present in my own work. When Pepe Jeans proposed this collaboration, I immediately got to work.”

PJL Illustration by Ernesto Artillo 3

As part of the collaboration, Ernesto Artillo merged images from the new collection with iconic symbols from our our birthplace of London.

“The idea was to recreate London postcards using symbols of the city such as Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge, through brushstrokes that reflect the spontaneity of the brand. I mixed the paint strokes with denim details, prints, etc. I wanted it to be something fresh, casual and powerful.”

PJL Illustration by Ernesto Artillo 2

PJL Illustration by Ernesto Artillo 4
And that’s exactly what we got. Here’s the result – we love it!

August’s Playlist

This month we are featuring a brand new playlist filled with an incredible selection of top hits brought to you by Shook Down. This independent music magazine is known for delivering the latest updates on everything music and culture from album and track releases to festivals and concerts. So kick back, press play, and jam out to 12 tracks full of psychedelic pop songs from artists such as Allie X, SZA, Deers and more!

  1. Allie X – “BITCH: XHIBIT I”

  2. Cloud Nothings “Psychic Trauma”

  3. Spoon – “Do You”

  4. Demmy Sober “Ectasy”

  5. Allah-Las – “501-415″

  6. SZA – “Julia / (Tender)”

  7. Lil Silva – “Mabel”

  8. Beverly – “Honey Do”

  9. Juan Wauters – Goo / Make It Or Break It

  10. Avi Buffalo – “Sho What”

  11. Boogarins “Erre”

  12. Deers – “Bamboo”

Playlist compiled by Shook Down
Web: shookdown.es, Twitter: @shookdownbcn, Facebook: Shookdown,
Google+: +ShookDown, Youtube: Shookdown.

Pack your bags full of Pepe Jeans this summer!

Summer is in full swing! Whether you’re planning a trip or staying in town, it’s time to update your wardrobe with the hottest and latest fashion from Pepe Jeans. So put away your old worn-out clothes and make this summer the most stylish one yet. From girls to guys, we have the trendiest fashion for all to invest in! Take a look at this list of the top summer must-haves!


Spend a day at the beach in our Mariette bathing suit! Laying out in this floral print triangle-shaped bikini is the perfect way to soak up the summer sun!

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White flats that match any outfit, our Gayton shoes have it all! A versatile sandal that you can pair with anything: a cocktail dress for a night out or perhaps a casual shopping trip during the day!

Sandalies (1)
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Looking for that flawless dress that fits just right? Why not our Nene maxi dress? This sleeveless lightweight dress is ideal for the hot summer temperature. Pairs perfect with a cute flat or wedge!

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Accessorize a basic outfit by adding our Yves bag. This royal blue bag with gold and white strap is the perfect pop of colour to complete your look!

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The nautical look is back this summer with our Swimming flip-flops. Join the blue-and-white striped trend now before its too late!

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Get ready for a splash in our Mahe swim shorts! Pairs great with a Pepe Jeans t-shirt!

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Show your adventurous side wearing our MC Queen shorts! Go beyond the typical pair of blue jeans with these Bermudas! Also available in red!

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If you want to add personality to your outfit, don’t be caught without our Bora Bora this summer! This floral print shirt is a must!

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Fantastic victory by Daniel Ricciardo at the Hungarian GP

A proud Daniel took top spot on top the podium after a fantastic race in the Hungarian GP, overtaking Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the last four laps. Sebastian Vettel finished the race in seventh position, having lost ground after the safety car came out.

It wasn’t a great race,” said Sebastian. “I spun, which was my mistake, and before that I was unlucky with the safety car in the first stint. The timing meant the first four cars lost positions to those running behind. Unfortunately we were then in the wrong mode for the restart and I lost two positions. It’s good for Daniel that he won today, I’m happy for him.”

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary - Qualifying

The weather in Hungary wasn’t in their favour at the start of the race. Daniel left the starting grid in fourth position but, just after finishing the first lap, he fell back two positions because of the weather conditions. It wasn’t until lap 8 that Ricciardo got fully into the race.

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary - Qualifying

Marcus Ericsson (Carterham) lost control of his car on lap 3, which brought the safety car out. Ahead of him, Rosberg, Bottas and Vettel couldn’t stop to change tyres as they had already passed the entrance to the pit lane.

Ricciardo, however, was able to change his tyre strategy, switching them for softer ones, in anticipation of the rain stopping. This allowed Daniel to climb up from sixth place and move into the top positions.

But Ricciardo’s victory didn’t come easy. On lap 23 another accident brought the safety car onto the circuit again. Sergio Perez (Force India) lost control of his car and crashed against the pit wall. The Team decided to seize the moment and change the tyres again. Daniel entered the race in sixth position but had a certain advantage over the others, having already changed his tyres.

This advantage soon paid off as by lap 39 he was leading the race ahead of Felipe Massa (Williams), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

The race got even more exciting when, on lap 54, Massa had to stop to change his tyres, leaving Daniel free. Fernando Alonso was now leading the race and was pushing his tyres to the limit; Hamilton, behind him, wasn’t planning to stop either. Daniel took advantage of his fresh tyres and put the pressure on Alonso and Hamilton.

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary

After various attempts to overtake Hamilton, Ricciardo performed a masterstroke and was leading by lap 68, finishing in first position at the end of the race.

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary


Winning this today, it honestly feels as good as the first. It sank in a lot quicker this one, so crossing the line today I knew what was going on a bit more and it’s like I could enjoy it immediately rather than it being delayed, it was awesome,” Daniel said afterwards.

To have to pass guys again to win the race, as I did in Canada, makes it a lot more satisfying, knowing that we did have a bit of a fight on our hands – you beauty!”

In this environment now I feel I am a different driver and in a way a different person, a different sportsman than I was last year. I’ve got a lot more belief in myself and it’s cool, I definitely feel like I belong here now and I’ve got confidence; obviously we’ve converted two races into wins this year so far and I think that confidence is showing. I’ve got some friends from Australia here this weekend, so the plan was to always have a few drinks tonight, so I think we’ve got an excuse to now!”

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary - Previews

Pepe Jeans wishes to congratulate Daniel Ricciardo and Infiniti Red Bull Racing on their excellent win, and we hope to see the same result in the next GP!

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary

The Art of the Brick

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Amsterdam EXPO is featuring an incredible exhibit with over 70 hand made sculptures and statues. You will be in awe after finding out that every piece of art is made entirely out of LEGOs. Artist Nathan Sawaya uses his imagination and creativity to transform a simple kid’s toy into unbelievable works of art.
The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

Explaining why he chose LEGOs, Nathan Sawaya says:
I use LEGO bricks as my medium because I enjoy seeing people’s reactions to artwork created from something with which they are familiar. Everyone can relate to it since it is a toy that many children have at home

Included in the exhibit is a T-Rex skeleton measuring over six meters in length and contains over 80,000 LEGO bricks.

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

Also featured are recreations of famous artworks such as Da Vinci´s Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

The Art of the Brick, www.amsterdamexpo.nl, Foto: Carolien Sikkenk

If inspiration comes to you walking through the exhibit there is an area where you can use your creativity to sculpt something yourself!

Named in CNN´s top 10 Global must-see exhibitions, this is one you are not going to want to miss! On display now at Amsterdam Expo until September 14th!

Vettel and Ricciardo have a great time in an exciting German GP

Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo showed us once again exactly what they’re capable of. Both drivers negotiated the obstacles in their path and finished in fourth and sixth position respectively.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

Nico Rosberg managed to notch up his fourth win this season. Just behind him was the Williams‘ driver, Valtteri Bottas, who crossed the line in second place, followed by the second Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton, securing third place after having started from the 20th position on the grid.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

Sebastian Vettel fought yet another epic duel with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and, after a few tyre changes, managed to get past the Spaniard. Daniel Ricciardo wasn’t so lucky, however, also joining the battle between the third-time champion and the Ferrari driver, but failing to overtake the latter.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Practice

It was fun with Fernando today – we started maybe where we left off in Silverstone,” said Seb. “It was quite entertaining, the first half of the race, and at one point it was quite tight with both the Ferraris, but we managed to stay ahead.”

These are the moments and battles that I personally thrive off and enjoy,” Daniel Ricciardo confessed. “Fernando is known to be a tough fighter and I thought who better to have a good fight with. I was on the Primes and he was on fresher options and I gave it the best fight I could and, well.., nearly!”

But the race was by no means a bed of roses. Just after they got the starting signal, Felipe Massa (Williams) and Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) clashed, leaving Massa uninjured but out of the race. Magnussen was able to continue, but was left at the rear. Daniel Ricciardo was also affected by the accident and was forced to take evasive action, which made him drop back to 15th position. That didn’t mean his race was ruined though, because the Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver put all his skills to the test and continued to claw back positions until finally finishing the race in 6th position.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Previews

I wasn’t as worse off as Massa and hopefully he is okay,” Daniel Ricciardo said. “I was on the outside and the collision happened, I had to avoid it and went pretty far down the field, I don’t know exactly how far back. From then on I just got on to the radio and said let’s make an amazing recovery and make ourselves proud today. And I think we did that, we fought hard and we didn’t leave anything on the table.”

The race ended with Rosberg in first position, Bottas in second, Hamilton in third, Vettel in fourth, Alonso in fifth, and Ricciardo in sixth position.

That was one of the most enjoyable races I’ve had. I mean, not on the first lap, obviously, that was just the wrong place at the wrong time.” Said Daniel Ricciardo.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Qualifying

Team Principal Christian Horner said that the race result was the most he expected from the team in this hard but exciting race:

Fourth and sixth were the absolute maximum we could achieve out of today, especially after the first corner when Daniel did an amazing job to avoid the accident. There was some great racing with Sebastian and Fernando early in the race and he was really our main competitor today. Our strategy worked out that we were able to beat him in the end reasonably comfortably with Sebastian and Daniel came close as well after recovering extremely well and fighting hard with some more great racing towards the end. It was an exciting Grand Prix – there’s still a big gap to Mercedes but we’re working hard to try and close it down.”

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

The Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers are now eagerly awaiting the next race, in Hungary, where we hope they’ll show once again what they’re capable of, and enjoy it as much as they did in this German GP.

F1 Grand Prix of Germany - Qualifying

F1 Grand Prix of Germany