You might be wondering: who is CANADA? Well, it is no more or less than an audiovisual producer from Barcelona, reconverted to a record producer, who has been nominated 12 times for the UK Music Video Awards, which are given to video clips in the British musical industry.

CANADA was created three years ago by the combination of three producers, Luis Cerveró, Nicolás Méndez and Lope Serrano. In the beginning, the work was low-budget and local, focused on the world of fashion. Little by little, they have grown, their hard work paying off, until the arrival of the unexpected: El Guincho. This artist from the Canary Islands has managed to cross borders thanks to the video clip Bombay, produced by CANADA. And let’s not forget the Scissor Sisters video clip for Invisible Light — incredible! It’s been such a big success that the Catalan production company has reached an agreement with Partizan to represent them internationally.

For the moment, we know that the video clip Bombay has been nominated in the category of the best international Indie-rock video clip, along with a nomination for the best director. All of the nominations will be known on the 8th of November.

Good luck, CANADA!