Denim mania arrives at Pepe Jeans

Jeans gained popularity in the mid-twentieth century with the explosion of rock music. Despite their humble beginnings as little more than a work uniform, jeans were gradually considered a symbol of youth, and became a prominent feature in the collections of top designers in the fashion industry.


Pepe Jeans is one of those brands that started working with denim, eventually making it its stamp of identity. But the traditional jeans that have accompanied throughout our lives now offer an enormous range of possibilities and invade our wardrobes like never before. Denim mania is the new trend sweeping shop windows worldwide, so if you think that more than one denim garment in the same outfit is too much, then you’re mistaken!


Shirts, trousers, skirts, and even footwear – this season is all about denim. And at Pepe Jeans we want you to be up with the latest, so that’s why we’re showing you our best selection of the denim garments you’ll soon be able to find in our stores. And what’s more, Denim Fashion Week is already upon us in some countries, giving you another reason to get with the trend! Dare go for a total-denim look?