Feel Feminine and Fabulous

You may have already heard of Elvira Sazesh, because her eye-catching accessories have not gone unnoticed by many (large) fashion magazines such as Vogue, NotionMag, .CentMagazine, and so on.

This young designer’s work is really worth knowing about; she uses materials that aren’t very conventional for jewellery and accessories: suede, leather, metal, and silk rope. Even more importantly, they are unique pieces, so there is no risk of running into someone else who is wearing exactly the same thing that you are.

Elvira’s inspiration comes from films, books, countries, and people… well, such a creative spirit as hers finds ideas in everything around her: “I wanted to create a jewellery collection that makes women feel feminine and fabulous that would add colour and creativity in to their lives; give them a sense of fun and adventure”. We think that she has achieved that goal and more!

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