Fur Voice

Onto Endo is the debut album of the young Spanish artist who goes by the name of Fur Voice, or David Gracia for those who want to get to know him more intimately.

Synthetic sounds, brushstrokes of pop, and a warm voice for music that wraps you in a universe where there are no creative or experimental limits. You have to let yourself go — there is no need to pigeonhole Fur Voice’s artistic production, because it is so mixed and mutated that there are simply no pre-fab definitions to fit him into.

Only 28 years old, Fur Voice has come to the attention of magazines like Lamono or GoMagazine and has performed at Barcelona’s International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, better known as Sónar.

The best thing to do is go to see him during one of his concerts, so if you’re in Barcelona today, you can drop by Miscelanea, because that is where he will be giving a live electro-acoustic performance of his album Onto Endo, a sort of dream-trip in which, as is mentioned in the press release, “there are voices and pianos being sampled in real time, forming rhythms somewhere in between shoegaze, live electronic, and pop, with a distant crooner influence”.