Gold and metal will take over your wardrobe this season

This season silver and gold will abandon jewellery and accessories and invade the world of textiles, becoming one of the key trends for spring/summer 2014. So, are you ready to get some metal in your wardrobe? We’ll tell you all about this promising trend!

Shoes, bags, dresses, jackets – the most dazzling catwalk trend this spring has arrived at Pepe Jeans so you’ll shine brighter than ever before. What previously belonged to the domain of accessories will now be gracing your wardrobe too. And though you may not be convinced about a lot of ‘bling-bling’ we’re sure you’ll succumb to the charms of this trend. Why? Because at Pepe Jeans we’ve selected garments with gold and silver pigments that are guaranteed to make you dazzle.

Buy it now: Silvers Jacket, Crystal dress, Volta Dress, Trinity shoes, Rustic Shoes, Esther Top.

So you see, metallic colours are not only for those special nights. You can wear them during the day too, and if you want a more toned down look you can combine them with denim. Metallic colours give your more casual looks a unique touch. Keep the sophistication for night time, with the brightest, most ornate pieces. Make the best of the warm weather and show off your tan even more. Get metalled up!