Guest Blog: A Unique Festival

How many of you noticed, through my posts on Facebook and Twitter that last night (sept. 1st) I had the chance to see Twin Shadow in concert. The show was organized by Pepe Jeans London as part of the Singular Music Festival and was held at Clube Ferroviario in Lisbon, providing a great night for all those who attended.

Twin Shadow, for those of you who don’t know, are an American alternative band originally from Brooklyn. Brought together by the vocalist George Lewis Jr. the band produces nostalgic songs, mixing rock beats with delicious sounds created by synthesizers.

As they are a fairly new band with only one album out, the concert didn’t last too long. However everyone was happy and the performance was fabulous, with the group even playing a new song that will be included on the next album.

The atmosphere was great and I even bumped into a few of my favourite “Fashion friends”. (No I am not in any of the photos!)

After the concert there was time to relax on the terrace with spectacular views of the River Tagus. At this point, the music from the DJ’s had the crowd smiling as we found familiar faces, including members of Twin Shadow!

A moment captured in video, on the lively terrace of the Clube Ferroviaro. “Love is in the air…”

Thanks to Pepe Jeans London for inviting me to this unique festival!

The post and photos were kindly provided by arturinthewoods