LCMDF (Les Corps Mince de Françoise)

There are many examples of current music groups that have been born thanks to self-promotion of their projects on Myspace or Youtube, such as the Arctic Monkeys, for one. In this case, we’re talking about Les Corps Mince De Françoise, a couple of sisters, Emma and Mia, from Helsinki who started out by uploading their songs on Myspace. Then they spread around the Internet, through blogs, and ended up signing a recording contract with Heavenly Records, putting their first album, Love & Nature, out on the market. LCMDF bring us experimental pop music with energetic rhythms that will make us dance until our bodies can’t take it anymore. You’ll like LCMDF if you like Chicks on Speed, Le Tigre or Yelle.

LCMDF will be performing at the hotel Nhow in Berlin on October 14th, within the Singular Music Festival organised by Pepe Jeans. Are you up for it?