Stanley Kubrick

Since 2004 the Stanley Kubrick exhibition has opened with great success in several cities: Berlin, Zurich, Rome and Melbourne, before arriving at the Cinémathèque.

This exhibition is set to contain numerous and precious working documents such as scenarios, correspondences, research documents, photos of film shoots, costumes and accessories. The exhibition, film after film, includes the unfinished projects: The Napoleon that Kubrick had hoped to direct, as well as his project for a film set in the death camps, Aryan Papers. All this will help fans get behind the scenes and better understand the narrative techniques and intentions of a true film legend that is Stanley Kubrick. The exhibition is guaranteed to appeal to all those that have appreciated some form of Kubricks film talent, while providing work that is both secret and fascinating.

Set over 2 floors due to the sheer volume of material presented including large scale models and interactive digital installations the exhibitions runs until the end of July at “La Cinémathèque Francaise” in Paris.

Photo: Wikipedia