Steampunk Furniture

Steampunk is a trend within science fiction that brings together technology and 19th-century aesthetics, especially linked directly to the second industrial revolution, with modern, futuristic designs.

This current of aesthetics, literature, and film is based on the idea of civilisation taking a scientific path different than the current one, replacing electronics with steam technology and coal fuel. Steampunk draws from Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, where there are scientifically-surprising machines and devices, but with an old-fashioned, retro appearance.

The steampunk decoration style is one of the most talked-about trends for this fall. The mixture of objects with a Victorian look and a more modern design is one of the lines that decorative industrial design is following this year. It is being developed under the premise of “making the old into new, and the new into old,” so you can find current objects reinvented, like computers with an old appearance, but paired with cutting-edge technology, or lights that look like candles, but which light up when you enter the room. It’s an antique air mixed with intelligent houses, “retro” inventions that make steampunk the science fiction of decoration.

Some of the most characteristic pieces of this style are retro desks with magnifying glasses, monocles, metal glasses, old-fashioned lamps, and candlesticks on them. Quilted upholstery is also one of the keys in terms of fabrics. Brass, copper, and bronze are the most frequently-used finishes, and another determining feature is the so-called “surprise factor,” present especially in bookcases, which have many secret compartments. Elements in the home that people usually try to hide nowadays are a visible part of this style: tubes, pipes, and wiring are placed on the walls without hiding them. Steampunk will bring a splash of retro-futurism to this coming winter. Keep your eyes open!

Photos by: Jake Von Slatt