The Wave Pictures rounds off the Singular Music Festival 2012

The last concert of the Singular Music Festival took place last Friday in Milan, with British band The Wave Pictures featuring as the guest band. The chosen venue was the legendary Officine del Volo, a perfect place for the exclusive enjoyment of the best sounds from this group.

The Wave Pictures are well used to playing live; they’ve been touring bars all over the world for years now. No wonder they put on a great show for the concert-goers!

We also saw a lot of glamour and great style among the guests, bloggers and journalists who wouldn´t have missed the concert for anything. Everybody had a brilliant time. It was certainly a night with lots of rock and roll!

We’d like to thank everybody for attending, for having made such a special night possible, and big thanks especially to The Wave Pictures for treating us to an exclusive taste of their alternative sound.

That’s all we can offer you for now from the Singular Festival, but keep an eye on this page on Facebook and Twitter if you want to know when and where the next edition will strike! Maybe your city will be the chosen one! See you at the next Singular Music Festival!

A truly #S1ngular band: The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures is one of those bands that sound as if we had them in the garden to enhance the barbecue by creating a friendly, pleasant and above all, happy atmosphere. The Wave Pictures is an English rock band formed by David Tattersall (vocals and guitar), Franic Rozycki (bass), and Jonny Helm (drums). Following a timid entry into the London music scene after numerous pub gigs, they forged a strong friendship with Herman Düne and Darren Hayman which in turn led to various collaborations, mutual influences, and shared tours.

Prominent in their songs is David’s particular guitar sound and his unusual voice; and their style of music is often likened to that of Herman Düne, Darren Hayman, the Violent Femmes, and even The Velvet Underground. The recorded material of this illustrious trio reflects the immediacy and proximity of their lyrics which, even with several albums under their belt, never lose their naturalness, simplicity, and versatility. The band still maintain their initial freshness despite having been on the music scene for 10 years now, leaving behind them the lo-fi pop of Instant Coffee Baby (2008) and the beach sounds of Herman Düne of If you Leave it Alone (2008).

On 23 November, Pepe Jeans supports The Wave Pictures in wrapping up the Singular Music Festival. The event will take place in the third chosen city, Milan, and the setting for this unique event will be in the Officine del Volo, from 9pm to 12pm.

23 November
Officine del Volo:

9pm to 12pm.

If you want to win two tickets for the concert, you’re in luck; because on Pepe Jeans’ Facebook page there’s a draw for 20 pairs of tickets. To get hold of these, all you need to do is answer the question you will find here in the most original way possible, before November 21th. A jury will select the 20 lucky winners. Good luck to all!

Veronica Falls for Pepe Jeans – Singular Music Festival

The second concert of the Singular Music Festival took place last Friday, with the British band Veronica Falls as guest artists. We loved the Paris concert, and we absolutely adored the London one!


Pepe Jeans chose the River Seine as the setting for the Paris concert and on this occasion the venue of choice was the Vinyl Factory in Soho, the perfect place for bringing fashion and music lovers together.

The first guests started to arrive at the Vinyl Factory around 7.30pm; among them journalists, bloggers, and the lucky winners of the competition that Pepe Jeans ran on its Facebook page. And, like the good fashionistas they are, none of them wanted to miss the photo call; look look

The indie band made everyone feel at home, chatting and joking with the audience. At one point during the night, they even played an acoustic song with some of the lucky concert goers! These guys don’t put their guitars down even during the breaks! Thanks, guys!

You can keep track of them on Facebook, Twitter and My Space.

Veronica Falls at Pepe Jeans’ Singular Music Festival.

Veronica Falls is a London band which emerged in 2009 and is formed by Roxanne Clifford (vocals), James Hoare (guitar), Marion Herbain (bass), and Patrick Doyle (drums). In 2010 they released two singles on Captured Tracks, Found Love In A Graveyard and Beachy Head.

Their music is mixed in with musical references from the 80s and takes in the sixties pop of The Sonics while at the same time toying with vocal harmonies that are more in the line of The Mamas & The Papas. It’s punk pop and rock pop that fuses sweetness and light with discord and darkness. Although some of their references, such as the Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls, can clearly be classified as punk pop, their style is more independent, without pigeonholing themselves too much.

Three years ago, in 2009, Veronica Falls first became known through their hit single Found Love in A Graveyard, which has been followed by huge success up to the release of their new album Veronica Falls.

Pepe Jeans want to enjoy the band in good company at The Vinyl Factory Soho, on 19 October 2012 at the Singular Music Festival. Would you like to attend? We’re giving away 10 tickets for two on our Facebook Page! The get together between the artists and the lucky attendees will take place from 8pm to 11pm in a unique environment where every sound can be savoured with unprecedented intensity.

Follow Veronica Falls: Official site, Facebook page, Myspace, YoutubeTwitter.

October’s Playlist

This month is Pol Escarpenter’s turn to wow us with the music selection that will get us through October. Spanish video and digital graphic designer, Pol lives in Barcelona, the perfect city to constantly get involved in new projects. Welikelinks, a design-related link generator or Arteweb, a platform to create art using exclusively web code are some of the projects Mononelo (Pol’s online alias) has developed all by himself. Time to visit and sit back, relax and enjoy… music.

  1. Cassius – Toop Toop
  2. The Ting Things – Hands
  3. Built to spill – Goin’ against your mind
  4. The Supremes – You keep me hangin’ on
  5. The XX – Crystalised
  6. I Blame Coco – Quicker (Rack N Ruin Remix)
  7. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
  8. Crystal Castles – Baptism
  9. Javelin – Oh! Centra
  10. Pnau – Embrace
  11. The Kingpins – L’Aventurier
  12. El Guincho – Bombay
  13. Die Fantastichen Vier – Yeah Yeah Yeah

Playlist compiled by Pol Escarpenter twitter: @mononeloweb:

Fanfarlo for Pepe Jeans – Singular Music Festival Paris

Last Thursday the British band Fanfarlo kick-started the second edition of the Singular Music Festival, and Pepe Jeans couldn’t have chosen a better venue to listen to their excellent music: the River’s King boat in the middle of the Seine. And we were there to check it out!

While the stage was being prepared, Pepe Jeans got a tip-off that the band would be visiting the Pepe Jeans store in Le Marais. And there they were! Trying on T-shirts, jeans, and shoes, and of course they had a great time choosing their looks for the concert!

At around 8pm, with the place all set up and ready, the band on the stage, and the guests eagerly awaiting the concert, the boat weighed anchor and headed down the river, while the moon shone brighter and brighter.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the setting and the quality of the music were the key elements that ensured the night would be a complete success.  Can you just imagine Fanfarlo playing in the moonlight on the Seine? No? Then take a look at the video highlights of the concert!

The torn soul of Crystal Castles makes a comeback

Crystal Castles, that dark and wild electronic duo, recently released their new song “Plague”, the tip of the iceberg that conceals their third album which is just about almost primed and ready to go. Ethan Kath and Alice Glass tell us that all the tracks, as yet untitled, were recorded by them in Warsaw and are currently being mixed in London. The album is set to hit the streets in late September (according to NME).

With their third album, cut from the same cloth as the well-known Celestica and Untrust Us, Crystal Castles is back to give us a lesson in fine electronics. Replete with contrasts, such as the daring new single and its cutesy sleeve, the band retains that raw sound that won them so many followers.

”We like how we sound. We don’t want to change”, says Kath about their new album.

As we await the release, they’ve unveiled a string of concerts for France, England, Ireland, the US, and Canada.
We’ll leave you with Celestica and Untrust Us, two of the band’s biggest classics.



August’s Playlist

We are honored to introduce Vasilisa Forbes‘ playlist which will be #nowplaying on August!

Professional photographer and artist, Vasilisa has received the Sony WPO (World Photography Awards) Commended Photographer 2011 award and Shortlisted Photographer 2012 award. Her work has been published across international and regional magazines and she has experienced within Fashion, Fine-Art, Music and Broadcast Media Sectors.

It’s time to sit back, relax, and let Vasilisa’s music selection get you through August!

  1. Dead Meadow – Dragonfly

  2. Liars – No.1 Against the Rush

  3. Kindness – Cyan

  4. Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best

  5. Battles – Tonto

  6. Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anenome

  7. Wu Tang Vs The Beatles – Run

  8. Psychic Ills – Fingernail Tea

  9. Fucked Up – Crusades

  10. Les Rallizes Denudes – Field of Artificial Flower

  11. Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss

  12. Saint Vitus – Burial At Sea

Playlist compiled by Vasilisa Forbes twitter: @vasilisaforbesweb:

Justice gives creative free reign to Canadá in their latest sporting feat

Justice gives creative free reign to Spanish production company Canadá, three Barcelona lads who have already worked with El GuinchoBattles and Scissor Sisters, and in the same distinctive style present the video for the band’s star track New Lands on their brand new EP Audio, Video, Disco.

The video, with nods to the science fiction film Rollerball, and even with some reminiscence of Tron, shows a sporting feat in the not-too-distant future that will provide entertainment kicks in the form of a bizarre mix of American football, lacrosse, and baseball.

The Spanish producer recently wowed us with their video for New York group Battles, which gave us a look at their universe, replete with melted ice cream, pre-teens in shorts, and some curious tongues.

However, international recognition came a long time before this with their hit music video Bombay for El Guincho, creating a buzz around the world among people who had seen the video on YouTube and Vimeo.

The impact of the video opened doors for them on the international scene, including a collaboration with Scissor Sisters and Two Door Cinema Club.


So don’t hang about, check out the latest video from this exciting production company that’s called Canada but is based in Barcelona.



The Killers. Born for battle!

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, The Killers, after some sad news that cloaked not only the band but all their followers in a shroud of mystery, are reborn in terms of their music.

After four years hiding out in ‘Sin City’, Las Vegas, the band gave their first interview to US magazine, Rolling Stone, announcing, among other things, the title of their new album, Battle Born.

According to singer Brandon Flowers “All Americans are battle born. Our ancestors came here in search of something better.” Ronnie Vannucci, the band’s drummer, says of their new album title “it’s very appropriate as it reflects the difficulties the group faced while making it.”

As those in the know say, this new album could be a good antidote to the tough situations we’re having to face these days and it’s got what it takes to become legendary; if the fans like it, the anti-fans are going to love it for sure!

Some of the songs featuring on Battle Born will be Heart of a Girl, Flesh and Bone, Carry me Home and Runaways. The band plans to release the album in mid-September and here’s their new single, Runaways.

Don’t miss the trailer for their new album, a sneak preview that opens with a sunset shot before we see the guys gathered round a campfire. Get swept up in the music!