What to wear to the Is Tropical concert @Singular Music Festival

The last edition of the Singular Music Festival of 2013 is here! An event like this provides the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe and say yes to new trends, especially for those who have turned their wardrobe upside down and failed to find the ideal outfit. If that’s you, then keep reading, because we’ve got a really trendy solution to your problem!


For her we’ve chosen a look from our “Cool Boho” collection. The biker jacket is a basic in every fashionista’s wardrobe, but if you still haven’t got with this trend, now’s your chance – get hold of our Addison jacket and wear it to the sound of Is Tropical. We can achieve the perfect contrast by combining the jacket with our romantic Agnes dress. And the final flourish to the outfit comes in the form of our Fire cowboy boots. Accessories are also a must for that concert look. Wool hats are the latest in accessories, and our Ipsden is just perfect! And to round it all off, get our Corby shopping bag.

Guys! We’ve put your style in the hands of one of the looks from our Modern collection. Pay tribute to the world of rock with our Studio leather jacket – it’s pure Johnny Ramone style. We’ll give our look more of a causal feel with a sweatshirt inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art, and then combine it with our Kilburn denim shirt. Our Oxford-style Charles shoes will put the final British touch to your concert gear.

So, now that you’ve all the ingredients for a super-stylish evening of music, let London and the sound of Is Tropical do the rest!


Win two tickets to the S1ngular Music Festival in London!

Following the success of the second edition of the S1ngular Music Festival, it’s now London’s turn to host the most singular of music festivals on 12 December. And Indie music band Is Tropical has been given the job of providing the entertainment for an evening that promises to be truly unique.


We at Pepe don’t want you to miss out on the fun so we’re giving away 5 pairs of tickets so you can enjoy Is Tropical!

Want to know how to get hold of them? It’s really easy! All you have to do is provide an original answer to the question you’ll find at the following link: www.pepe.je/ans/S1ngularLDNContest

The perfect combination to celebrate and round off Pepe Jeans’ 40th anniversary: music + a unique venue + London. What would be the icing on the cake and why?

Answer the question as creatively as possible and you could be one of the 5 lucky winners who get to see Is Tropical in an unrepeatable concert.

We’re leaving you with their song “Sun Sun” just to give you some inspiration.

Don’t forget to participate at the following link: www.pepe.je/ans/S1ngularLDNContest

Good luck! We’ll see you on 12 December at the S1ngular Music Festival in London!

Last concert of S1ngular Music Festival with Is Tropical in London!

December is quickly approaching and with it comes our last concert of S1ngular Music Festival‘s 2013 edition! As you know, all of us here at Pepe Jeans are big music fans and we’ve been organising this most unique and singular festival for many years now.

This year we’ve already been in an old factory in Amsterdam with Citizens! and in Barcelona with Crystal Fighters in one of the venues which has hosted legendary artists such as Oasis. Now it’s the turn of Is Tropical in our city of origin, London, in one of the most unique spaces possible: Oval Space.

In the heart of East London, Oval Space is a refurbished warehouse-style venue finished to a high end specification. With 5,000 square feet of unobstructed event space, and set against the iconic backdrop of the Bethnal Green gas holders, Oval Space’s west and south-facing terraces frame the venue, providing an urban sun trap with striking views.



It’s in this fantastic setting that the British band will be giving their unique performance. Having toured the world in support of ‘Native To’, careered their way around Europe, missed out on sleep in America, gotten lost in Russia and evaded the law in Shanghai, Is Tropical has racked up enough hedonistic experiences to last a lifetime. Along the way, however, they also learnt some more important musical lessons: namely, that 100 mph craziness isn’t necessarily all they need to make a record.


Their new album, “I’m leaving” marks itself out as a distinct progression from its predecessor. Whereas their debut album’s high-BPM party anthems were often bracketed in with the indie / nu rave crossover, Is Tropical‘s follow up defines itself by a much more varied mantra.


So now you know: if you’re in London on 12 December, you’ve got a date! You can buy your tickets here, and keep an eye out because soon you’ll have the chance to win tickets to enjoy one of the most indiest bands of the moment in a singular place!

Crystal Fighters at the #S1ngular Music Festival in Barcelona

Barcelona was the latest city to host the #S1ngular Music Festival and, as expected, it couldn’t have been better, with Crystal Fighters seizing the stage and creating an unbeatable atmosphere.



The evening got off to a flying start, with support band Belako opening up. From the moment they stepped on stage, Barcelona surrendered to their sound. They sounded fresh, with no shortage of attitude, and all eyes were glued to the stage. They were ace!

While Belako entertained us with their post-punk sound from the Basque Country, Pepe Jeans gave attendees the chance to immortalise their favourite moment of the night, by sharing their photos on Instagram with the #S1ngular hashtag and then going up to the print stands where they were offered a printed, polaroid-style photo! But that wasn’t the only surprise of the night. They also got a chance to meet Crystal Fighters and to get a special look from our 40th Anniversary capsule collection. To win this double prize all they had to do was to accumulate the highest number of ‘Likes’ for the photo of the concert they uploaded to Instagram with the #s1ngular hashtag. And who was the lucky winner, you wonder? It was Pep Lizana, who got to meet the band in person! Take a look.

Crystal Fighters - 40th anniversary customization 4

Crystal Fighters - 40th anniversary customization 8

Crystal Fighters - 40th anniversary customization 7





But the best was yet to come. Belako had gotten the audience well warmed up, and they set a pretty high standard by all means. The most anticipated moment of the night finally arrived, the British band Crystal Fighters came onstage and treated us to almost two hours of pure adrenaline, excitement and indie rock.  They certainly wowed us with their passionate attitude, unusual folk sound with its characteristic Basque influences and their fantastic stage presence. Everybody immediately felt that the festival was well-deserving of its name; it was the most #S1ngular night of the year!







See more at Pepe Jeans Flickr!

What you will wear to Crystal Fighters concert @ Singular Music Festival

Our date with the month of music is getting near and, of course, so is our date with fashion. The Singular Music Festival with the Crystal Fighters, along with a load of surprises, is going to be held on September 12 in Barcelona.


So you can enjoy the festival feeling comfortable and dance with style to the Crystal Fighters’ indie sound, we have chosen two looks from our new 2013 Autumn-Winter collection.

For her, we have chosen a very feminine look with a retro-style skirt as the protagonist, with a plain white T-shirt and indispensable ankle boots with buckles and metal studs, which add a really cool touch of rock to your look.

For him, we have chosen denim – it never fails! With a Union Jack T-shirt, that’s more than appropriate for this occasion and some navy blue, suede shoes, you’ll pay homage to the British style.

Now you know how to get noticed, don’t forget to take your camera so you can photograph the best moments of the S1ngular night. See you on September 12 in Barcelona!


S1ngular Music Festival Barcelona Contest

After an unforgettable edition in Amsterdam, Barcelona is getting ready to host the Singular Music Festival that will be held on 12 September.  The Crystal Fighters will be in charge of inviting you to enjoy the best indie music.


Because we don’t want anyone to miss out on this great event, we have 5 double tickets for Pepe Jeans fans! How to get them? It’s really easy!

You only need to answer a simple question which you will find by clicking on the following link:  www.pepe.je/ans/S1ngularBcnContest

You already have a great indie band: Crystal Fighters, and the perfect location: Barcelona. What’s missing for an incredible night out?

Be creative, transfer your mind to Barcelona, dance to the sound of the best British indie music and give us your best answer!

Meanwhile, let Crystal Fighters inspire you with their “Follow”


Lot’s of luck everyone and don’t forget to participate!



S1ngular Music Festival Continues in Barcelona with Crystal Fighters!

As many of you know, we here at Pepe Jeans are hosting our annual S1ngular Music Festival in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London this year! Our first event featured London-based band Citizens! and was recently held at the Wester Gas Fabriek in Amsterdam.  Now, we are pleased to say we’re getting ready for the second of the three concerts coming soon to Barcelona!

The concert is featuring Crystal Fighters and will be hosted in Barcelona on September 12th.


Formed back in 2007, Crystal Fighters are a newer indie band and have made quite a name for themselves already. With their fusion of electronic dance and traditional music, you will be lured into their unique blend of Basque folk and ’80s beats throughout the set list. Also, their most recent album Cave Rave was just released at the end of May, and it has some of the catchiest tracks you’ll hear all year. Check it out!



You can purchase tickets online here. Don’t miss this opportunity, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for more details about the event!

Citizens! at S1ngular Music Festival in Amsterdam

Pepe Jean‘s S1ngular Music Festival debuted in Amsterdam last Friday, and we are pleased to announce that the evening was an enormous success! We selected the London-based band Citizens! to be the main performer at the event, and it was hosted at Amsterdam’s Wester Gas Fabriek (Western Gas Factory).

Citizens! are more of an underground music group, and they released their first album Here We Are back in May 2012. The indie rock singers have only been performing for the past three years, yet we saw at our concert that they have already gained quite the loyal fan base so far! This is in part to Alex Kapranos, the group’s producer, who is also lead singer of music group Franz Ferdinand and ensures the band receives a warm welcome from the music press. 

The venue we used was originally created at the end of the 19th century as a gas factory, and since its closing in 1967, it has since been refurbished into a popular event and music venue. Take a look at some of our concert photos from inside!







Thank you to all who attended our kickoff for the third annual S1ngular Music Festival, and we can’t wait for our next event in September!


Citizens! to kick off Pepe Jeans’ Singular Music Festival

We’re excited to announce this year’s dates, concerts, and bands for 2013 Singular Music Festival! As many of you know, the festival takes place in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London, but today we’re giving you details specifically for Amsterdam!

The concerts and dates for Amsterdam are Citizens! on June 14th, and Crystal Fighters on Sept. 12 for Barcelona. We’re keeping London a surprise though!

London Indie rock band Citizens! will lure you in to their indie-rock music and keep you coming back for more. Just being three years old, they have already made a name for themselves.  Also their producer is Alex Kapranos—the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand—so we already know you won’t be disappointed!



Did we mention that the venue, Wester Gas Fabriek, is a unique piece of history too? This factory from the end of the 19th century will provide a retro-cool feel to the venue, and currently hosts many other club nights and music events other than Singular Music Festival. Go check it out!

If you’re interested in buying tickets now, you can purchase them here. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you can enter here for a chance to win some! Judges will be reviewing all responses to the question and will select the best 5 answers to be our ticket winners! So, feel free to show us your creativity, and best of luck to those who participate!

Stay tuned for further details regarding the other cities and venues!

The Wave Pictures rounds off the Singular Music Festival 2012

The last concert of the Singular Music Festival took place last Friday in Milan, with British band The Wave Pictures featuring as the guest band. The chosen venue was the legendary Officine del Volo, a perfect place for the exclusive enjoyment of the best sounds from this group.

The Wave Pictures are well used to playing live; they’ve been touring bars all over the world for years now. No wonder they put on a great show for the concert-goers!

We also saw a lot of glamour and great style among the guests, bloggers and journalists who wouldn´t have missed the concert for anything. Everybody had a brilliant time. It was certainly a night with lots of rock and roll!

We’d like to thank everybody for attending, for having made such a special night possible, and big thanks especially to The Wave Pictures for treating us to an exclusive taste of their alternative sound.

That’s all we can offer you for now from the Singular Festival, but keep an eye on this page on Facebook and Twitter if you want to know when and where the next edition will strike! Maybe your city will be the chosen one! See you at the next Singular Music Festival!